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The "Heart's" Ladder

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A diagnostic clue for what ones "Heart" is about comes from an awareness of how one reacts to auras and atmospheres. Recall having fondled things that seemed to have had an aura about them as well as entering places or localities permeated by thoughts of persons who lived there-- moved away or died many years ago--but still left behind an ‘atmosphere.’ Just as these recalls are the sensing of "frozen vibration" patterns, the consistent nature of ones thoughts, feelings, expressions, and actions about them suggests the nature of ones "Heart." Spiritually striving "Hearts" make daily attempts to reach a higher rung of the metaphorical A-Frame Ladder situated between the Earth world and the Heavens. Ordinary "Hearts" are stuck in the status quo of the lower rungs of the ladder. This means they will seek out and internalize the messages advocated by status quo and superficial persons, groups, or society. Regardless of the rung upon which one has chosen to be on at this time, ones "Heart" Character and its thinking may be superficial/deep; good/bad; or realistic, distorted, or fantasy. These thoughts, symbolized into Literal and Figurative Language, often have theater drama presentations for ones self-talk and for people. Similarly, the higher ones evolution and developed "Heart's" Imagination skills, the closer one gets to controlling ones "Feeling System" and stimulating ones inner mind recesses--a stimulation activating or enhancing ones Instincts (?working in conjuction with the Omnibus and Mammalian Brains) into having Courage and Assertiveness to take striving actions. For example, if ones "Knowing" is from Spiritual Elements, one will have the experience of Cosmic Wholism. Yet, such a vague universal understanding of humanity's needs requires a tool for its expression--perhaps an Icon Image or an Abstract/Abstraction concept inside an illuminating Symbol--either being brought about by reflecting on pertinent "Knowings" while in a state of trance (calm). The resultant Image creates insights, setting in motion ones Spiritual Elements evolution. This occurs even though the involved Symbols or Images are imaginative reconstructions and thus not absolute Truth and Reality.

To elaborate, a Simile (comparing two quite different things that are similar in at least one characteristic) appeals to ones imagination, even at the expense of seeming to be illogical. Yet it follows an acceptable path towards Truth and Reality in ways other than logic. Allegories (story in a story) address the imagination as a vehicle for gaining insight. Analogies (a partial similarity of like features between two unlike things) are built up on the top essential resemblances of “what it is” or its causes--both affording a proper basis for reasoning. Besides, the higher ones Spiritual evolution, the more able are the Images and Symbols involved to coordinate subtle physical forces affecting ones physiology, thoughts, feelings, emotions, expressions, behaviors, and perhaps the environment. The reason is the brain fills in gaps with mental activity that is not part of the pre-existing perceptions and reflections of the Spiritual. The "Thing" the Symbol and Images represent appears from ones inner world (e.g. inner mind recessess, insights, dreams, thoughts, feelings) and/or from ones outer world (e.g. patterns of Nature). As they funnel the direct flow of the forces of Nature (e.g. ones emotions and passions) to accomplish events, both also condition ones Spirit to conform to the Spiritual Elements. By absorbing their "Payload" messages, the internalization of the "Payload" helps fashion or modify what one thinks, feels, says, and does so one can match the standards of the Spiritual Elements, if one is receptive to striving to be ones Highest (divinity) Self.

The Spiritually thriving Ancient Africans derived Sublime emotions to nourish their "Hearts" from observations, experiencing, and sensing Order, Regularity, Coherence, Consistency, Compatibility, Balance, Harmony, and Predictability in village people, in Nature, and in Metaphysical processes of Creation. They had no concept of being self-absorbed or 'Individualists' or not considering the feelings and needs of others. Instead, superceding any personal aesthetic pleasures was to create, enhance, and maintain the intrinsic Cosmic transcendent all-expansive feeling of humanness and connection to Community, Nature, and the Divine while constructing, observing, or responding to created Spiritual Elements products or processes of creation.


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