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Olympic Formations of Symbols

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Humans experience Images out of their intellect, memories, and Imaginations. Symbols concerning these Images enable grasping and retaining the Idea Picture all at once--whether it is bad; good (e.g. being silly, humorous, or witty); an ornament; or personified as "Invisible" friends. The psychological aspect is that things capable of creating in people the same responses are identical with each other. For example, all newborns experience agreeable sensations from the soft hands of their mothers' tender caring--and so do soft winds of Spring on a warm day. As a result of being aware of the good feelings of both mother and spring, what can now be fashioned in the common space of these interlocking rings is a Metaphor: "Spring has soft hands"; or a Simile "Mother's touch is like a soft Spring breeze." To elaborate, the origin of today’s Olympic games were the Ancient Egyptian sports of 5200 BC--e.g. foot races, long distance running, martial arts, playing ball, throwing sticks, and bowling. They came from Interior Very Ancient African sports which were associated with religion. For example, wrestling bouts in Southern Nigeria were considered in “Sympathetic Magic” (practices based on all God’s creations being related) for purposes of encouraging the growth of crops. The god in charge of crops (among others) was Amun (Amon-Ra, Atom-Re, Amen) and these wrestling bouts were done in honor of Amen. Millennia later, Amen, described as “the king of the gods,” was borrowed into Greece under the name of Zeus. So were the athletic practices of the Africans—practices which served as the Olympic model for the Greeks, as introduced to them by the Africans of Crete. Starting in ?884 B.C. the Greeks then held athletic festivals every four years at Olympia in connection with rites honoring Zeus (just as Africans had been doing for Amen millennia prior). In 1912 the Symbol of the Olympic Games--known as the "Olympic Rings"--was devised and composed of five interlocking rings, colored blue, yellow, black, green, and red on a white field. Each ring's color stands for one of the colors appearing on all the national flags competing in the Olympic games at that time: "...the six colours [including the flag’s white background] thus combined, reproduced the colours of all the nations, with no exception. The blue and yellow of Sweden, the blue and white of Greece, the tri-colours of France, England and America, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, the yellow and red of Spain next to the novelties of Brazil or Australia, with old Japan and new China. Here is truly an international symbol."

Similes, Metaphors, and their extensions as Parables, Fables, or Allegory are intended to give a message in the form of a story to be understood in terms other than those actually described. Or, the message may be for the present situation and meant to be taken at face value. An expansion of these mental activities occurs when Apperceptions (like-kind memories) are called up and synthesized with fresh Images created by Symbolic Figurative Language (SFL). The resultant product + the Images in which the message resides + the supply of sufficient emotional energy forces are able to penetrate to great depths within ones Selfhood as a "Phantom." A superficial depth is sensory, as of an emotional or asthetic nature. An intermediate depth "touches ones Heart" and thereby makes a connection with a certain Dream desire of the Receiver--whether to do or to stop doing something. Or, one can clear up prior confusions by seeing how things fit that show their necessity for ones present situation.

The deepest depth affects the decoder in ones "Soul." This thereby activates ones Divine Consciousness to impart new Self-Knowledge pertaining to insights into who one is or something that serves as a missing piece of the puzzle to complete certain "Big Pictures" in ones life. Maybe a piece will provide an explanation for other things one did in ones life which could not be explained previously but that now indicate the nature of ones Mission. Something might be corrected or this may serve as a call to action with respect to ones Sacred Dream. In turn, channels are opened for one to enter and explore so as to now be able to make sense of a tiny piece of the world; to reflect on what underlies the mysterious unseen powers pertaining to ones concerns; or perhaps to simply "bathe" in the Sublime realms one is currently experiencing and thus become aware that life is not so bad. One then realizes acquired information, faith, beliefs, or trust do not match the realities they represent and at their essence they are merely illusions, delusions, and myths.


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