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Figures of Speech As Metaphysical Vehicles

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The 17th century English word "Vehicle" (carried) is something transported in or by which something is conveyed, communicated, or transmitted. Its story originated with the Ancient African mythological Creation of the Cosmos. After God brought forth the primeval waters, called the "Ocean of Nun,” God’s Spirit “moved over the waters” to agitate them into a state of movement. Next, Ra, the hidden essence of Creation, arose out of the Nun and began sailing in the Seketet—the boat of the morning sun—the boat of the light where the sun travels from noon to midnight-- the “Boat of Millions of Years.” On the boat emerged the “Neteru” (the Cosmic Principles of Creation). Creations of the Cosmos, according to the myth, were in four planes of existence -- the Physical (Ta); the Astral (Duat, Dwat, Amenta, tuat); heaven (Pet), and Underworld (which Europeans borrowed and wrongly call 'Hell'). Notice in this story that there is an awakening of life which is not subject to delusions; that there is an atmosphere of ever expanding awareness of big and little things naturally inspiring interest, respect, and even wonder and awe; that there is no self-consciousness for it is unnecessary. African Metaphysical Vehicles of the Figures of Speech type (e.g. Simile, Analogy, Metaphor), though deciding nothing, are imitations of mental operations of the African story of Cosmic Creation. Their power force transforms language so that new idea forms are created and old forms are modified into familiarity. They enable an Interlocking Ring relationship of which the similarity within is a significant feature between two things and thereby changes ones ideas of either or both. They are ways of assimilating new and strange objects to older and more familiar ones--a way of profitting from past experience for the proper apprehension and treatment of new situations.

A general "what it is"/"what it contains" sense of Figures of Speech as Metaphysical Vehicles (FSMV) is aided by an awareness of ideas in the word "Omnibus," originally (1829) meaning a horse-drawn wagon. It subsequently embraced many things at once inside that wagon, as in “some of this and some of that.” This is why I chose it to designate a portion of a humans' Ancient Brain, for it is a peculiar storehouse of wisdom and foolishness, full of things received from a variety of sources. Some are products of the Intellect, of Feelings, and of Emotions. Some come from what unfolds within it. Some from "Seeds" sown at the time of the Primal Impulse (which started life along the path) and branched to incorporate the Collective Unconscious, as elaborated on by Ancient Africans. Some derive from heredity by way of Instincts (which I believe manifest in the Omnibus Brain). Some are preserved in the basic memory of ones Race, those past experiences reaching even back into the animal kingdom. Though humans lack sense experiences from deep mental inner recess meanings of these things' nature or from actual experiences of ones instincts themselves, FSMV enable certain aspects of certain ones of these to be stirred in ones brain.

Nevertheless, all FSMV are packed with what is of great magnitude to the part of ones Selfhood that is affected. For example, inside the tiniest of FSMV spaces are carried vast equivalents of many mountains, large oceans, or big cities. FSMV are intended to ease one into a state of relaxation and receptivity to their messages as preparation for them to impact ones vast confluence of senses and stored memories. Depending upon their nature, FSMV can serve as the stimulus to excite the Emotions, "touch the Heart," or stir the Soul. Yet, the effect any FSMV has depends upon the mindset of a given human. African FSMV's speciality is activating either a piece of the Eternal Soul or the Astral Soul. For that to happen requires a mindset of serenity and harmony. For the processes of growth one must cooperate with the Spiritual Elements, and particularly with what is Natural since that allows one to be a part of its flow. When ones confluence of senses and stored memories are properly selected and correspond there are no patterns, no boundaries, no orderliness, and no rigidity in the budding and flowering of Truths "seeded" in FSMV messages. At points where FSMV messages impact on ones Selfhood, "Mistakes or Accidents" occur. Since all of this is a Spiritual happening, each "Mistake or Accident" opens a new channel for one to explore ones inborn Selfhood Greatness, thereby making it a "wonderful Mistake or Accident."


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