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Black People's Original Metaphysical Communications

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Historically--whether in Slang, Hip-Hop, "the Dozens," Jiving, Signifying, Toasting, Trash-Talking, "Negro Spirituals," Indirection, Enslaved "Escape Quilts," or African Mythology--Black People's communications have always been mainly Metaphysical. “Communicate” means “to move” a "Phantom" inside (involute--the process of getting involved) and/or outside (evolute, the process of getting out of something). It transmits Energies of Change from place to place by means of rhythms. Because rhythms originate from the Cosmic Spirit Force as vibrations and because rhythms are inside Order, Spiritually based communication rhythms create, enhance, and maintain Harmony (Order). By definition, Metaphysical is those realms away from the physical--like being in the Unseen World rather than in the Seeable Earth world. To be in the Metaphysical is to bathe in an "Atmosphere" that is spatially vague, lofty, and "not down to earth." An analogy for "Metaphysical Clouds" is the 'Foam' comprising 4/5 of a mug of beer. Imagine what it "feels" like being inside the Metaphysical--perhaps charmed by the magical foam; or floating aimlessly in a fluffy Sublime cloud; or desperately using a flat iron in attempts to smooth the invading foam arising from the raging waves of ones own shame; or simply bored. In order to communicate revealed Cosmic Truths to the people about where different types of realities occur, Very Ancient African Sages brilliantly symbolized the Metaphysical Realm into its unique "Bubbles of Existence"--Spiritual, Subjective, Astral, Sublime, Supernatural. Similar to throwing a stone into a pond and watching the circles of waves move out to the banks, growing weaker as the distance increases, waves of Metaphysical Bubbles do the same, except for moving outward in every direction. Regardless of the number of Metaphysical Bubbles, or the inner good/bad activity nature of the Bubble one is in, or ones right/wrong interpretated experiences of those activities, one is dealing with that Bubble's intimate and hidden aspects.

Meanwhile that Bubble is proceeding along on its natural course--doing what it naturally does--and growing larger and larger. Now think of a succession of smaller Bubbles, each inside the next larger sized Bubble and likewise each growing larger and larger. This scenario is a metaphor for how original African Mythological communications developed out of primal Cosmic Images. For example, inside the pre-Cosmos Bubble era, Time was linear + small Bubbles of Myths evolved + potential Cyclic Patterns were destined for the yet unrealized Cosmic Reality. When the Cosmos appeared, so did Nature's cycles and the viewing of Time as a series of recurring patterns repeating mythical events--including renewing Ma'at (the fundamental Spiritual Elements' order which formed the Cosmic "Genetics"). The greatest African Myths heralding the Cosmic birth include: the Cosmic Creation (formed by the gods out of primordial chaos); the reign of the sun god Ra upon the earth; and the deities Osiris/Isis/Horus (concerning their struggles with the Brute god Set). Smaller Bubbles of Myths forming out of big Bubbles consist of Ra's daily journey through the Cosmos and its "otherworldly counterpart, the Duat (Netherworld). Here, recurring themes are about conflicts between upholders of Ma'at and the forces of Disorder, Isfet; the importance of the Pharaoh in maintaining Ma'at; and the continual death and regeneration of the gods. Of course, the messages in each of these Mythological Bubbles were aspects of Reality also revealed to African Sages.

"Elegant Noble Transmissions" ('send across') enabled Sages to send communications into the "Hearts" of people by: (1) discerning the essence of a Law of Nature; (2) wrapping those essences in a form (a "Feeling," an object, a sense) enabling it to be 'carried across' to people's Hearts and (3) designing impactful "Phantoms" to stir people into action. To elaborate, to grasp the most essential features of the Law (or any original "What it is" of a Thing) converts that Law into a "Phantom"--appearing real to the mind despite its non-existence (i.e. a "Contingent Being"). That "Phantom" is a free flowing imaginative transmission of those essential features over to what humans' Selfhoods can intuitively know. This 'knowing' is intentionally grabbed and directed by ones conscious so as to understand the transmitted message's original nature. Today's many names for Metaphysical "communications" include: Metaphors, Allegories, Proverbs, Similes, and Rap.


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