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Metaphysical Language Transmitters

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"Elegant Transmission" communications are the best ways to get a sense of the deepest truths about any Esoteric subject. Esoteric means exposing intricacies of what defies fundamental thoughts and understandings of the inner truth lying hidden within the essence of anything--e.g. Creation, Life, the Soul, and ones place in the Cosmos. "Elegant Spiritual Transmission" communications about the esoteric (concealed) aspects of God taught by Ancient Africans included the mysterious things about God; the things belonging to God; and the things revealed by God to humans. "Elegant Metaphysical Transmission" communications pertain to Knowledge which defy explanation. "Elegant Selfhood Transmission" communications explain ones struggles to evolve from ones Lower Self (animal) to ones Highest Self (divinity). Whereas all of these are subdivisions of "Elegant Noble Transmission" communications, anything short of knowledge may be elegant but not noble; ordinary (literal) communications; or unnoble information. Regardless of type, these transmissions pass on their "Genetics"--whether composed of the Spiritual Elements or what is short of that--from "parent to child; from the ignorant to the naïve; from the Brute to the victims. To elaborate on the effects of whatever is transmitted in these communications, let us reconsider the Beer analogy. The frothy foam (Beer Head) on top of a mug of beer results from bubbles of carbon dioxide gas rising to the surface--gas produced by wort protein, yeast, and hop residue during their fermentation. Similarly, from the "Genetics" of any type of communication there arises an Aura and/or an Atmosphere which, in susceptible people, enter sublimally into their heads. What they then experience is the "Genetic" nature of that message and what happens after that is determined by what the consciousness of each human "grabbed" and what that human's mind committee did with it. Whatever is transmitted in these communications will make its presence felt and displayed by the nature of the message.

The standards, filters, and guides in which a determination is made depends upon the mental strength and clarity of what is or is not about the Spiritual Elements. Unnoble transmissions are bad messages--information ranging from flawed down to wicked--each causing bad thoughts, emotions, and deeds. By contrast, the nature of Elegant Noble Transmissions pertains to "Aliveness" in life and sharing harmony and unity with others. African Sage transmitters of these Cosmic Laws of Nature messages were also sophisticated receivers who focused on keystone (or Seed) essences. They had the basic background concepts of, and matrix for, Nature's Laws and insights to place Tree of Knowledge principles into their proper context and in prioritized order. The brain's pineal gland was said to pave the way for illumination understanding; to receive and transmit messages; to see various activities in the Astral world—a world representing another dimension of reality coexistent in space with the physical world; and to add discerning understanding. To teach"Elegant Metaphysical Knowledge to the people, African Groits (storytellers) relied heavily on Myths in primarily metaphorical language. Translating the essence and behavior of deities was readily understood by talking directly to people's "Hearts"--and bypassing their "Heads." By Groits presenting different variations of a given Myth, they hoped people would gain insightful symbolic perspectives of Cosmic Laws from one and internalize it into their own character.

African Symbolism consist of the representation of a Thing (e.g. a Natural Law, Principle, concept) by means of a virtual, Contingent Being, or actual object Sign possessing some relationship with the Thing. Despite being "Elegant Metaphysical Transmission" communications, they operate on the same principle as "Ordinary Physical Transmission" communications. Examples include: street and highway signs as symbolized warnings to drivers of such things as traffic lights, crossroads, construction, a narrowing road, or a tunnel. Mixtures have been used for special purposes. For instance, during its early years when the penalty for being a European Christian was death, the name Jesus was never written. Instead, the Symbol of a lamb was substituted since lambs were well-known sacrificial animals. The drawing of a fish meant Christ, because its 5 Greek letters are the same as each first letter of the 5 Greek words meaning "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior."


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