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To Follow the Crowd or Not

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As a Medical Genetics Fellow at Johns Hopkins University Hospital studying Dwarfism, I was intrigued by concepts of the Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics--today called Epigenetics, the science of the external environment affecting humans' molecules by altering gene expression and function. This is "Heritable" (new mutations with the inherited material). But are there other explanations--like Auras and/or Thought Clouds generated by ones peers or by our Ancestors? What about Spirit forces and Karma? These questions came to the fore at a recent Renaissance Writer's Group meeting where a member sang German Art Songs (much like Opera). This led me to speculate on what caused Germany's 18th century to be marked by the development of the symphony and the rise of such composers as Bach, Beethoven (a mulatto), Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Handel, Haydn, and Mozart. For them and for Black Folks' musical expressions and its shifting mutations throughout American history the gene Talents for most were "turned on" by impacting with their respective subculture's musical inventiveness and creativity values in technical skill and achievement. This implies benefits from following that part (not all) of the "right" crowd. To know their philosophical values gives insight into understanding where each musician and musical group stood in the context of his/the group's time. The "turned on" process necessitates grasping the way their music crystallized out of the historical matrix; understanding how music built on it; and the necessity for rejecting its predecessors' legacy. One might then see how and why, at a certain point, innovations of one group of artists were forced to make way for those of their successors. Thus, the musical Jazz mainstream talent was "turned on" in the 1920s to introduce a freeing of the soloist from the accompanying rhythmic-harmonic framework. Acceptance of the 1940s Be-Bop talents was because it answered the new and deeply felt need not existing previously; was based upon socio-historical considerations--a time when oppressed Black people were beginning to awaken politically.

By contrast, the Aura and Thought Cloud generated by ones crowd can adversely influence one to imitate what the crowd finds of interest, as occurred to my high school classmate drop-outs. Each was born with life-shaping and life-changing Propensities--tendencies of capacities, abilities, and language facilities which, if cultivated, could overflow with a disposition and an appetite to do "Good" for oneself and others. Even without cultivation, many were brilliant in some aspect of their Selfhood. Yet, their Endowments--the system of values and character behind Propensities--were so "off track" that they did little or nothing with them and instead followed the crowd into a dead-end.

Ones own "Genetics" shows that leaving the crowd is not about being anti-social but rather concerns self-reliance in pursuing ones Missions in life. The cell's DNA contains an inherent intelligence to activate and inhibit genes differently so as to create proteins associated with specific and unique things. Each cell conforms to the constitutional rules laid out by the Mitochondrial DNA in the "First Cell"--the one traced to the original African female Ancestor (c200,000 BC) identifying Africa as the home of the mitochondrial gene pool from which mankind arose. Yet, every body organ in each human is working independently (away from the crowd) in doing its duty and yet all the cells and all the organs work together (with the crowd) to fashion a product "identical with" purposes of keeping that human (and the crowd) healthy. But just like cells in a human's body which step outside the laws of its Circle of Wholism cause cancer and destruction of ones entire Selfhood, such happens metaphysically by one not discovering/developing ones Talents, and merely playing the music the crowd says to play. Thus, ones genes always "listen" for cues from the environment and crowd so as to determine what unnatural modifications of oneself to follow. Similar to turning the volume control knob to signal the gene to tune up its misdirected duties and tone down its DNA programmed normal functions, crowd-following can lead gene expression to adversely influence ones biology and function into a "forever" status quo. It also inactivates ones specialized Cosmic planned Talents (Uniqueness) designed for thriving, for the crowd's best benefits, or for the Cosmic Organism. Do not die with your music still in you!


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