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Virtual Knowledge Vehicles

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Primitive (mankind's first people) Africans originated Abstracts (virtual and contingent Beings pertaining to the Metaphysical and the infinite) in attempts to make sense of the Cosmic Unseen realms. The "Virtual" is a Being in Effect without boundaries, though not real as a Being in actual fact. In Medieval Latin's late 14th century, "Virtual" referred to influencing via physical virtues or capabilities regarding excellent and potent manliness efficacy ("manhood" meaning Virtue). In 1650 it embraced the sense of "capable of producing a certain effect." In 1959 it added the computer sense of not physically existing but made to appear by software. Then came the idea of a "Virtual Reality" as a 3-dimensional, stereoscopic illusion of realistic situations, generated by a computer system. Involved here has been the designing of techniques for simulating memory space, disc storage, and operating environments. By the late 1980s computers could simulate real space inside which people moved about and reacted with what was perceived (e.g. including using a helmet containing a screen). Except for "Virtual's" broad sense today of denoting something imagined rather than physically present, these computer ideas are perhaps reminiscent of how Ancient African Sages mentally dealt with and applied complex Abstract concepts (e.g. Unconditional Love and Compassion). Very Ancient African Sages' formed explanations by personifying their principles to pass onto their scribes for recordings on tomb walls or monuments. The Goddess Ma’at is an example of personifying a virtual concrete Symbol to explain the Abstract--useful for dealing with serious business requiring educating or stimulating insights for purposes of understanding. These Sages discovered such profound concepts of Magic (harmonized laws of Nature used to produce physical effects derived from non-physical causes) as to have the need to conceal their Knowledge from unscrupulous people.

To this end, first all "inner circle" members lived a vow of secrecy regarding their abstract Spiritual Knowledge, only conveying ideas among themselves by "lip to ear." Second, "payload" secret messages were protected by the "box-inside-a box-inside a box" concept so as to prevent them from getting into evil hands. The "Secret" concerned revelations to which Ancient African priests were exposed--e.g. revelations about the inner meaning of external appearances of sacred aspects of the Cosmos. Thus, much of Egyptian hieroglyphics contains the "Secret" disguised inside figurative or symbolic language and wrapped by an obvious story. So to get to the secret story requires knowing how to read the hieroglyphic pattern (e.g. right to left or down the right side first or in different combinations) in order to go deeper than the obvious story--the "Seed" concept for Allegories. After the "Secret" is located, only in-group members can recognize the communication style and its proper interpretation (as carried over by Enslaved Africans in devising the "Negro Spirituals"). Third, was to “Hermetically Seal” (named after the African Tehuti, called Hermes by the Greeks) divine secrets by masking them inside the philosophy of the Ancient African Bible + adding on to them layers of myth + writing in hieroglyphics + wrapping these writings in Figures of Speech. This is why Westerners in particular have been and will always be unable to properly translate the African Mystery System messages in any of their voluminous works, regardless of their claims to the contrary or how confidently they act like they know. This is one reason why what they say has generated such devastating delusional information throughout the world and is "unbelievable."

African Groits (story-tellers), in order to better daily living for the people, released bits and pieces of the "Secret Knowledge" in the form of: Allegories, Analogies, Fables, Myths, Symbols, Parables, Metaphors, Similes, and Personification. These pave a path to understand emotions and concepts for which names do and do not presently exist. In turn, they help lay out ways for each person to discover the transcendental reality of existence in a manner incapable of being done with words. Each time they are studied the wider is ones understanding and the richer the scope/depth/height of meanings found for self-application. Also, repeated study of, and reflection on them, enables the inner layers covering the hidden core messages to impart more and newer diagnostic insights. Then the peeling away of yet another top layer provides more focused direction for specific management.


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