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The Ancient African word "Aura" ('light' from the African root Ra or Aur) was applied to the god Ra and the African goddess “Matet.” Ancient Romans plageriarized Matet under the Roman name “Aurora” as well as her African Story: "Daybreak." The Canaanite (Ethiopians and Egyptians) names Soph or Nu (for undifferentiated Matter, feminine principle) and Aur (for Nun Energy, a masculine principle) were given for the “unmanifested and undifferentiated Energy and Matter in the Subjective Realm. Both underlie all entity forms and activities in the Cosmos. Ancient Africans "Auras'" essential nature concerned breath (spirit) as an emanation (a rising or "flowing out from")--that which proceeds from any substance (e.g. individual, animal, vegetable, and mineral entities). This is because all Cosmic entities are infused with an animating spirit (the reason why all things are in motion, as stated in Ancient African laws of physics). An emanated Aura is a luminous cloud, nearly oval or egg-shaped; consisting of an aural energy field, extending from 2 to 3 feet in all directions from the body; and does not terminate abruptly but gradually fades into faintness until it disappears entirely (Ramacharaka, Yogi Philo. P62, 64). Whatever the source of the Aura, the Sound Wave given to a mental organizing pattern determines its nature; its power comes from its shape (i.e. its electromagnetic radiation). Thus, a "Thing" has (1) a shape (2) containing a power peculiar to it based upon its specific rhythm; (3) a message reflecting its nature; (4) an emanation of its power springing out of it and surrounding it; (5) a composition conforming to the Law of Attraction; and (6) an electromagnetic force which exerts influences. However, that aura's influences exerted upon the spirit are not ordered by laws, as it is with indwelling intelligence. Rather, their electromagnetic energy, which has the power of animating some part of ones animal spirit will, if unchecked, influence the physical body in some manner--e.g. create illness, unhappiness, and failure.

From extensive research for over 25 years, I am convinced the Ancient Brain of humans has three unique subdivisions. First, the Instinct Brain, powering what to do in emergencies without thought, is associated with the "Alarm Centers" of Fear and Rage--both essential for survival. Since the Instinct part of the human brain is made of "Ether," it receives mental currents of Cosmic "Ether" which flow through it under the term "Feelings" (vibrations from the Will of God). It also unconsciously does the constant work of repair, replacement, change, digestion, elimination, assimilation, etc. Second, to a somewhat lesser degree, so is the queer storehouse, the Omnibus Brain (instincts with thought). It, in conjunction with the adjacent Old Mammalian Brain, is the seat of the appetites, passions, desires, sensations, and emotions. Despite being most valuable as a servant, it is a tyrant when out of control in a lifestyle totally oriented to Materialism as the means to ones life's end. Habits learned on the Intellectual plane are passed to the Omnibus Brain for automatic powering. Third, the anti-Spiritual Elements' Brute Brain accounts for evil and sadistic deeds.

Thoughts are "Things" and emanations from these three brains create Thoughts that can be seen as Auras by the true psychic sight and felt by true Sensitives. Thought is to reality as paper dollars are to concrete things of value or a menu is to eating a meal symbolized by it. People live in a Thought world: "I want to be successful"; "I'm rich by having 3 homes" (which are mere symbols of prestige when not lived in). Despite their unreal nature, thoughts of the Omnibus and Brute Brains, like the reality emanating from the Instinct Brain, all illustrate the Law of Attraction. For example, if ones philosophy of life is based upon the Spiritual Elements and ones Selfhood has been carried through a self-discipline process that manifests Ma'at living and maintains a state of Peace, one emanates a "light blue" aura. Its aura, representing Spirituality, is of a peculiarly clear and luminous shade, sparkling and twinkling like stars which attract loving things. But since electromagnetic forces of the earth and from people are always flowing through all things surrounding a human, much self-discipline is required to avoid being swept along by these subliminal (sublunar) forces. If ones way of Brute life is about chronic rage and anger, ones aura is bright-red, resembling lightning flashes in shape --and it attracts hateful and evil things. These colors are illusions.


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