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"Thought Cloud" Atmospheres

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Very Ancient African Sages sought to learn laws of Nature so as to create a path to the Heaven Afterlife. Believing “good” people’s minds and spirits ought to stay in contact with the Sublime, they built temples on topmost places of sacred mountains. Each “high place” was a sanctuary; a source of inspiration; and a sacred atmosphere for religious rites. Rituals inside a sacred space meant its atmosphere surrounded any human participating in a communal event. Each temple's location, presumed to be beyond the earth’s normal atmosphere, was filled with “Ether”--a subtle fluid of pre-matter consisting of a fine, flimsy, vapor mist. Since this Sublime location contained the highest concentration of Love, Goodness, Truth, and Beauty and just as “birds of a feather flock together,” they reasoned Thoughts do the same--creating a partially bound Thought Atmosphere (Ramacharaka, Fourteen Lessons p 77). That atmosphere--called a Spiritual “Thought Cloud”-- emanated from Ancient African Sages’ because their minds were in harmony with the Divine and their mystical values and traits of good character constituted the highest of Ma'at living.

For African Sages, "Thought-Forms, called "Elementals," were Spiritually derived objective Realities. But man-made Astral Atmospheric "Clouds" are charged with vibrations of thinkers of many years past. Yet, they still possesses sufficient vitality to affect those whose minds are ready to receive them at this time (Ramacharaka, Raja Yoga p283). This concept was based upon Ancient African Bible teachings that all forms of matter are constantly throwing forth astral radiations in all directions (like a mind freeing itself of thought filth). A Thought's power depends upon its ability to attract to itself other thoughts of a similar nature (and thus combine forces). The strength with which a Thought has been projected concerns the focus, and the amount of its Ether (Ch’i or Prana) vitalizing the thought. Thoughts--possessing a high Ether nature and organized Spiritual Elements-- have the effect of transcending the upper boundaries of human minds to settle in the Sublime (situated just below the "Heavens") as a “mystic memory satellite.” An analogy is a space-located television satellite. By being above time and space means signals out of that “Thought Cloud” satellite are capable of radiating into any receptive person (particularly the Afrocentric) having an awareness of the Spiritual Elements--regardless of their location in the world, regardless of age, and regardless of time period throughout the ages. An analogy from Astronomy is that a distant star may be destroyed and yet the light rays thrown off from it will continue on their journey. That same light is seen by humans many Earth years after the star itself has been destroyed. Furthermore, said African Sages, humans attract to themselves Thought Vibrations corresponding in Nature with those which they are in the habit of entertaining--and called the Law of Attraction.

Thought Atmospheres can also contain Feeling Tones. Recall entering places vacated a long time ago and yet being able to still "Feel" something in the air about the nature of its occupants. I have noticed this while visiting places once highly emotionally charged (e.g. an empty prison). One can be influenced by these as well as the Thoughts ones attracts. What can be inferred is that the good or bad nature of ones thoughts fashion a readiness atmospheric mindset--e.g. optimistic/pessimistic, extroverted/introverted, or pleasant/unpleasant. Similarly, their force is sufficiently great to cause emotional reactions in those who absorb any given Thought Atmosphere. Whether from Thought Clouds or Auras, my experiences suggest children can absorb atmospheric contents by means beyond human understanding. Some have a mindset about certain things or have learned certain things or have a certain way of doing things that are unique to their family, neighborhood, or culture. Yet, amazingly these things were never shown or talked about by anyone around them. Perhaps there are also spiritual aspects contributing (e.g. Karma). These concepts and practices of collective group prayers being able to transcend into the Sublime as persisting “mystic memory satellites” were passed along to Ancient African people and can be seen in today's "Negro Church" as the basis for group prayers which lead to Group Minds and Group Spirits. This would explain: "everything old is new again" (Bingaman).


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