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How to Design Success

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Innumerable and profound benefits occur from using Critical Thinking tools + Certainty Knowledge (symbolized by the Archery Pad's Bull's Eye) + the contents of Uncertainty in the remainder of the Archery Pad in preparing one for defensive/offensive self-protection and for thriving. By taking charge of ones life and controlling everything related to what is privately meaningful inside it leads one into the "big picture" realm of "Happy Success" in life--i.e. the acquiring of what one really, really wants and the minimizing of what one really, really does not want. In considering the Bicycle Wheel Concept, the hub of the wheel is equivalent--not necessarily about Certainty--to the Bull's Eye in the sense of it containing the most important aspects of designing Happy Success.

Whatever one determines for oneself to be "Success" inside or outside the hub, the spokes radiating out of that hub are the approaches for acquiring ones Success. First, the springboard for becoming successful is for it to be ones own decision, absent outside influences. To delay starting because "I'm too busy" implies one has hidden anxieties and fears about it and thus lacks courage. Those headed towards what outsiders say to do or from what ones peers say they want (e.g. to be a professional ball player) are doomed to fail. Second is having a clear concept of the "what it is" of that "Success" within the context of "what it does" (i.e. what can be achieved)--and without considering "how it appears." Third is possessing the energy system that imparts "Grit." Fourth is researching so as to know what it takes to be successful--and that is no secret. Fifth is placing "stepping stones" between where one is presently and ones destination. Sixth is preparation for handling the "alligators," the losses, the lacks, the obstructions, and the set-backs along the way. Seventh is helping others. These are best determined by what is symbolized on the Archery Pad's rings/spaces as part of "self- schooling" on ignorant, envious, and Brute people's deceptions capable of blocking ones success.

The "spokes" are methods for what it takes to have success in a given situation. Spoke I concerns ones Mission in life. It can only be determined from the core of ones Real Self--i.e. intuiting from ones Soul. It is known at birth. Using it to be guided by ones natural inclinations ought to start in the "here and now," for its theme puts ones entire life in order and serves as a tow-rope to hang on to during "hard times" and turmoils. Spoke II, the "Follow your Passion" method, is useful for non-Mission things, perhaps for ones career if there is money to be made from it; or, if done simply for pleasure, for ones hobby. Spoke III concerns what people "Need" and typically such things are what people will not do (e.g. the hard, boring, difficult), cannot do (e.g. be their own physician), or do not want to do for themselves (e.g. the "dirty" jobs, like cleaning septic tanks). Though one may not have passion for most of these, the idea is to bring passion to them in some creative way. Spoke IV is providing people with what they "Want" (e.g. entertainment, gadgets). But most of these fields are crowded, have stiff competition, are somehow restricted, and are associated with much anxiety.

Personal experiences, observations, and studies make it clear that success is not necessarily acquired by the smartest, or by those in the most accommodating settings, or by those with the best network, or by those of a particular race. Rather, it comes from those with "Grit"--a way of life of firmness of spirit and mind to achieve something in the distant future and stay on course despite the hardships encountered. This, a marathon and not a sprint, can only come from using a Spiritual (not Emotional) Energy Package. It consists of Dedication (selecting what is cared about); Commitment (becoming "One" with what is cared about); Loyal (sticking like glue to a Goal and Purpose no matter what); Determination (setting limits within which one will act); Persistence (holding fast to ones Purpose and Goal); and Perseverance (continuing ruthlessly in the face of opposing forces, set-backs, and momentary failures). These six + Curiosity + Courage + Concentration (staying focused on one thing and not getting side-tracked by Attractive Distractions) + a hunger to learn every little detail (and not "pick and choose") + an eagerness to get going all support each other in completing tasks. Starting with "acting as if" it is already present, the more one daily pushes oneself to go further in accomplishing small things causes ones brain to "grow into" this reality of excellence.


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