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Preparation for Success

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All successes involve choices. A life-shaping one is whether to be a "Be-er" (a people-person who follows the crowd) or a "Do-er" (creating a path through life while cultivating ones Selfhood Greatness potential). Since "Be-ers" have in-group support in where to go, how to get there, and what to do, "mentally stretching" in order to be self-reliant in general is not prominent. This means they can find pleasure in daily activities from being part of "what's happening" and are soothed in hard times. But from interacting with thousands of my patients, I observe three basic problems in "Be-ers." One is that though life starts our relatively easily--regardless of the nature of their situation at the beginning--it gets increasingly difficult as they lose their health and vigor. Second is a chronic undercurrent of never having been disciplined enough to discover and fully develop their Critical Thinking skills, talents and/or their Mission in life. Third is their old age devastation in realizing their "homies" have disappeared or are in no position to provide support. Obviously, this is not the fate of all "Be-ers." By contrast, "Do-ers" must leave the crowd because they have "things to do and places to go." Though their journey starts out hard, it gets progressively easier because of the various types of successes they have had (e.g. financial, good health care, nice home) from routinely doing something well. Yet, to do this requires neglecting other important things in the process--things "Be-ers" routinely do for satisfaction. Nevertheless, "Do-ers'" successes generate envy of the type which forces them to become "Isolated Individualists." The Archery Pad concept provides a system for organizing all of this and thereby helps simplify the more complex decisions and solutions.

In the past, Black Americans relied heavily on approaching their current problems by calling on past workable solutions. Some could even rely on making a living by means of menial jobs. But all that has changed. For example, the Enslaved engaged in avengements (subtle justice) which worked okay for them during slavery. But when these same practices are applied outside slavery and in today's marketplace they are self-defeating. Such Slave Survivals are used as justification for them being "the last hired and the first fired." Now, it is a sad oddity in that besides paying a high price to cultivate ones Private Self-Greatness, one must pay an equally high price to acquire and possess Public Self-Greatness and its associated successes. In ones Selfhood Tree life's plan, ambitious Black youth must factor in: (1) what it takes to cultivate their Selfhood Elements; (2) how to get along in the Black Community; (3) how to deal with the White community; (4) how to thrive in the marketplace; and (5) how to cope with the envious dedicated to making life miserable for them. The Archery Pad Concept helps one see and prioritize the various natures of such people under different circumstances so as to map out defensive/offensive plans for workable applications in what, up to that point, has never been seen or heard of before. Such will be needed for the truism that there will not be fairness getting to or out of the starting gate. Then, if one survives that, after leaving the starting gate there will be created unwritten and unspoken rules specifically intended to ensure the ambitious lose so that the "winner takes all." This process includes vicious self-esteem attacks on what the ambitious fear the most--themselves + being a failure and harshly judged because of it.

The Creative Realm of mental activity is the tool for success. Though operating outside the categories of Knowledge and Information, it overlaps both. Its "big picture" of success embraces the Bull's Eye + the entire Archery Pad contents + things off the pad--all to enable one to think outside any established paths; to enter any plane of existence; to combine bits and pieces of a given plane or from different planes; and to design limitless possibilities between reality/fantasy or between reality/distortion. With such a Free Mind, anything goes that is not evil or harmful to oneself or others. Its tools to stimulate creativity include Figures of Speech, slang, idioms, and clichés. What is capable of being discovered are Created definitions like: "What is art?" Answer: "embodying an idea, defined not by how it looks but by what it has to say"; "outside-the-box" thinking patterns applicable for "Situational Transitions"--i.e. something right in certain situations but not in others; Non-Truth concepts for speculations; or "Weird" tools that work.


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