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Bull's Eye of Critical Thinking

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The French phrase "bull's eye" is used here to represent Spiritual or Secular Perfection, as manifested by its Integrity (i.e. complete, whole, harmonious, healthy, and not working against itself). The discovery or fashioning of Perfection's Certainty and Purity is the ultimate aim of Critical Thinking's (CT) pursuit of Knowledge. Conformity to the Spiritual Elements is what characterizes Knowledge. Knowledge is fashioned by the ability to intuit (Amen, Metu Neter I:107) the abstract (the virtual in the metaphysical) and abstraction (the virtual in the Material) between and in the inner workings of things as well as the whole to which they belong. The proper application of this is Wisdom. To arrive at Knowledge requires rules to become self-disciplined, as to clear ones mind of Emotional Junk (e.g. anger, fear, hatred, revenge), because that clouds out ones inborn Perfection message sources. Self-discipline is required to locate and stay within the boundaries in which the Spiritual Elements operate. By so doing, Personal Freedom, which lacks boundaries, is achieved when one experiences a state of Certainty, Purity, and Perfection. In that state, one no longer lives life by rules because there can be no rules devised for every one of life's situations. Here, the sense of what is "Right" is "Soul Felt." Thus, the archer who shoots out of the simplicity of his/her "Heart/Soul" hits bull's eyes without aim (1 K 22:34). The Egyptian Mystery System (c12,000 BC?) had as its most important objective the deificiation of man and teaching that the soul of man, if freed from bodily fetters, would enable him to be God-like; see the gods in this life; obtain the beatific vision; and hold communion with the immortals.

Personal Freedom was achieved by the pursuit of Spirituality--letting go of ones False Self and establishing ones Divine Consciousness and Divine Will for Ma'at living. Ausares was the name given to indicate the unmanifested aspect of God and those who achieved a spirituality realized state were given the title "Ausar" (the God-Self dwelling in Man). These concepts reigned as the ultimate cosmology of the world--being humans highest level of science; as the repository of comprehensive knowledge of the Cosmos; and, therefore, of humanity and creation. After these teachings were collected into volumes of a primarily Religious/Spirituality "Bible," they became the genesis of a more sophisticated way to live and served to shape a more indepth human consciousness so as to provide the "5Ss." Their effectiveness came from Initiates realizing their Divine Spiritual Birth-right is their life spirit or spirituality connected to the Cosmic Consciousness and Rhythm while being spiritually in tune with both. Ancient Africans laid out principles for the process of discovering Perfection by discerning the infinite in the finite. By being born with a drop of God, that alone is ones first duty--to recognize it as ones birth-gift of Selfhood Greatness--a Certainty gift untouchable by any adverse human comments or actions. Ones second duty is to evolve from ones dormant divinity up to ones dynamic divinity. Pursuing these duties are the criteria for: (1) CT knowing when one is on the proper course for pursuing what is Right for diagnosis, decisions, and solutions; (2) making one aware of having hit the bull's eye of what is important--e.g. the Base/Foundation, Keystone, Seed, and Trigger Cause of the good or bad; (3) indicating what is less than freedom in oneself, freedom in ones thoughts, and freedom in ones dealings with other people.

The single most important indicator of the presence of Knowledge and Wisdom--the "Seed" of the Tree of Knowledge--is that they are right regardless of human opinions; they are Right when conveyed--Right when received--Right when properly applied--and Right in results. The Tree's "Roots" include African Spiritual Faith/Trust; African Spiritual/Secular Knowledge/Certainty; and its "Trunk" Ma'at principles (i.e. the Spiritual Elements) in action. Its "Branches" embrace African Circumstantial Evidence/Proof and African Spiritual Hope. Its "Leaves" are innumerable because it takes creativity to package Knowledge in different forms--e.g. Symbols, pictures, words, gestures, demonstrations, African Secular Knowledge, and concepts derived from African Dialectic Discernment. Its "Fruit" is the enhancement of the Cosmic Organism (e.g. all God's creatures and creations, including oneself). To stay in the "big picture" of the Bull's Eye is to properly utilize this Tree of Knowledge. [This entire series is from Bailey, Private Selfhood Greatness]


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