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Archery Pad Critical Thinking Tool

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"The Bull's Eye Archery Pad" Concept is a useful way of classifying the complex subject of Knowledge, Information, and their associated components (e.g. the way these messages are conveyed by the various types of messengers). Being able to put them in priority order is crucial for sound Critical Thinking (CT) and assessing things to think about. Rippling out from the “bull’s eye” (space I) are 4 ringed spaces separated by 5 line circles to make a total of ten parts. Anything beyond the peripheral line circle (i.e. 5th line circle or 10th part) is off the archery pad. To gain insight into their meanings, over the last 40 years I have studied all the world's major Religions and Philosophies and concluded that the closest humans will get to Certainty is what is present in the Ancient African Bible and its Spiritual Literature (see Bailey, Ancient African Bible Messages). So this constitutes the "Bull's Eye" of the Archery Pad. Archers whose great experience and skill enable them to"know" what they are doing, consistently shoot their arrows which hit the Bull's Eye as an act of Certainty.

The First Transitional Ring Space surrounding the Bull's Eye implies one has one foot in Knowledge and the other in Information so that one is MOSTLY RIGHT or "Right" under certain circumstances or in certain situations. Those closest to the Bull's Eye are aware of things on its periphery as, for example, true Visionaries. Those a little further away have "Perceptional Illusions." In the way a Halo surrounds a Star, this is like living in the shadow of the Integrity of the Bull's Eye and yet they continue seeing themselves as being inside the Bull's Eye. By dealing with the aura ring around the bull's eye issue, their orientation to the significant is "How does it appear" rather than being concerned with "What it is" (i.e. the essence or "Seed"). Thus, they cling to the shadow rather than to Reality. An analogy is when ones glasses are scratched, it seems like "everybody" viewed has scratches. The Second Transitional Ring Space away from the Bull's Eye embraces definitions, descriptions, names and narratives--hazy explanations of realities via symbols--about something, as with African Figures of Speech. If each of these could be imagined to be a color, then the term Beige Words applys. Beige is a very pale brown color which takes its name from the French word for the color of natural wool. Though on its own it is a calm neutral background, like a chameleon it takes on some of the attributes of the stronger warm or cool colors it accompanies. The malleability of colors means the tiniest change of position in viewing them leads to a tiny change in hue. Furthermore, each hue is strongly affected by the surrounding colors; by the lighting present in the situation or circumstances; by the color of the philosophical lens one is wearing; and by the intention of the wearer. Though none of these are about Reality, they convey aspects of Reality with concepts very poorly defined (because of the very significant problems in dealing with the Metaphysical). These concepts make no sense to those familiar with African Tradition because there is no Certainty. However, great problems come from people who believe these "Role Players" of Reality are actually Reality--and they cling to and live by these delusional beliefs, in contrast to the 'Knowing' who look as if they have something to teach.

The Third Transitional Ring Space is the range of Information. (I) is of highest quality (e.g. Secular Certainty/Knowledge); (II) Man-Made Facts; (III) what is Familiar (e.g. The "big picture" of ones own culture means one knows what constitutes the bull's eye of importance and what the rings of peripheral importance around it are like); (IV) Secular Faith/Trust/Hope; and (V) the Lowest in Quality (e.g. Guesses). Included inside each of these is Beliefs, Opinions, Biases, Prejudices, and Superstitions--none allowing for meaningful order or stability with respect to the Spiritual Elements; none are about the "5Ss"; none are about an evolution into higher realms. Instead, what reigns is the transient fads of whatever is popular "Trinkets and Trivia." The Fourth Transitional Ring Space is "Bad" Information. Much derives from the lazy and the ignorant. The worse is from con-artists or Brutes who use it for self-interest purposes designed to put victims at an unfair disadvantage while putting themselves at an unfair advantage. "Bad" Information causes Deception, Delusions, Dishonor, and Idolatry. Off the pad are "Useful Non-Truth Tools and "Useless Knowledge."


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