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Spirituality Realms of Ancient Africans

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The word "Spirituality" derives from an Ancient African concept of “the breath (spirit) as a manifestation of the Cosmic Life Force” (the Ankh)--the vital essence of an individual. In other words, Spirituality implies breathing the essence of God so as to receive the forces of life within ones divine body for the purpose of living eternally. But oddly, after an extensive research of European literature I could find almost nothing about it. In fact, the name "Spirituality" was rarely mentioned. "Spirituality" is unimaginable because it is so much greater than the human mind can grasp and that makes it incomprehensible. Still, humans do construct finite conceptions of infinite things, using bits and pieces out of familiar experiences that are typically unrelated to the total reality of that given infinite thing. If they derive some meaning, with or without a mental image, they are satisfied with their false conception of the Spiritual. Even more destructive is for them to spread this false and misleading information under the delusion of it being reality.

By marked contrast, via revelations Ancient African Sages said the Spiritual Realm consists of the Immaterial Cosmic Mind (located in "The Other World," called the Amenta) and its emanations of the Spiritual Elements which in turn form the Subjective Realm (Ocean of Nun). Though the Subjective Realm was said by Ancient African Sages to be a Cosmic Realm copy of the Cosmic Mind, it still contains its Certainty, Perfection, and Purity. On one side of the Subjective Realm "coin" is its Divine Consciousness and Divine Will. On the other side of that "coin" is an undefined expanse of Energy/Matter, of which a portion becomes transformed, shaped, delimited, differentiated into a myriad of objects manifesting in/as the Objective Realm. Water--and at other times mud or clay--were chosen as a metaphor for the underlying God Substance of the Cosmos since these have the ability to be shaped into any conceivable form and since all living things have their origin in water (Amen, Metu Neter II:32). The Subjective Realm's Chaos is the forceful primordial state of undifferentiated universal existence. Once the Cosmic Mind implants its Divine Archetype "Seed" to start a kingdom of a Thing (e.g. Animals, Plants), Cosmic Energy creates Cosmic Matter to trigger Involution. Intangible flimsy matter then becomes more and more gross—like a snowball rolling down a hill and getting bigger and bigger. After becoming as gross as it can get, there is a moment’s pause and a reversal starts. Such Cosmic Evolution means that from the grossest forms of Matter evolve forms a little more refined—and so on. Meanwhile these simple elementary forms evolve more complex and intricate combinations. These combinations are urged ever upward, as is known to be occurring today in "outer space." The Involution/Evolution pattern applies to the mental and spiritual planes of existence and is likened to a primordial mirror because, similar to a mirror, it willingly reflects anything contained in its nature—anything from the most gross level up to the most refined level. Offspring of the Original "Seed" become spiritual models or patterns that can be copied or imitated. Based upon the Law of Correspondence, as exemplified by Nature's natural interdependencies, I propose the Spiritual Realm--which copies itself--creates objects in the manner seen in Genomics.

This is an organism's complete set of genetic material including gene sequences, structure, and function; regulation of gene expression; and gene-environment interactions. DNA codes for genes are translated to create proteins, which can be associated with specific things. By understanding the regulation and function of the Laws involved regarding these genes (Seeds) associated with specific objects (protein equivalents) enabled Ancient African Sages to eliminate confusion and thereby establish Certainty Laws of Nature. Putting these Certainty concepts into practical daily living were giant steps toward achieving Perfection and hence a sound Tradition. However, this concerned great attention to the details of how they lived, the human forerunner of Epigenetics. An example was avoiding fetters (e.g. bad emotions) which adversely alter ones Spiritual Genetics mentally and cause bad environmental atmospheric expressions, as does smoking. Such bad karma is based on Ancient Africans' system of Yoga/Religion/Spirituality lacking any death--only a transformation of ones thoughts, action, and innermost consciousness while living in the physical world.


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