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"Am I Right?"

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As a boy, my exclusive seat in the AME Zion Church was in the middle of the first row. So, anytime the preacher looked down it seemed as if he was talking directly to me. Once he said the shortest sermon in the world is on the "Keep Right" street sign. By being aware that people were adamant about the "rightness" of their beliefs, it bothered me to hear people accuse each other by saying: "You always think you are right!" That seemed obvious since knowingly believing something wrong is stupid. Then the A-Frame Metaphorical Ladder concept became evident to me, with all the arguing people representing the resting Earth realm "feet" of the ladder. Nevertheless, I "knew" the true answer for what is Spiritually "Right" is at the top of the ladder (approaching the Heavens). As a result of this Certainty, it does not matter what anyone in the world says to the contrary--and even if it is "everybody." To get a sense of this, pause to consider that being Selfhood healthy (physiologically Right) is morally and naturally Right. Yet the question is: "How do I know I am Right?" Ancient African Sages philosophically synthesized cosmology, ontology, epistemology, mythology, social and political organizations as well as Ethical and Moral conceptions (Dona Richards, The Nyama) so as to be in tune with Cosmic Consciousness, Nature's rhythms, and the Natural. From all of these independent units working interdependently, their resultant Philosophical/Religion/Spirituality Complex (c20,000 BC) is defined as knowing there is just One God; just One Reality about knowing that One God; and just One Creed (the Maathian Creed) for "Living Right." Absolute (Spiritual) Right must have Certainty and Perfection--meaning there can be no flaws. The only things without flaws are the Spiritual Elements--i.e. Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. Once they have been used for the Standard and Filter of ones thoughts, emotions, expressions, and deeds, they are also able to Guide one in all decisions and solutions.

Just as the ocean is always "what it is," then "what it does" and "how it appears" (e.g. liquid, ice, vapor) differ according to circumstances as it maintains its "what it is" integrity. To understand this is to realize the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) may not fit "what it does" with "who the other is." To assume everybody wants/does not want what one wants/does not want means one has a big Ego problem and/or bad judgment. "Right" puts itself in the other's position since otherwise it has no way of knowing if what it wants for itself is the same or will have a similar good effect by "what it does" on the other. If I have a guilt problem needing to be appeased by punishment, that is not likely to be what another wants. White people who possess a Materialism philosophy of life (POL), control by Conditional Love, or convey "Sympathy" are not likely to be well received by Black People who have a Spiritual POL, honor freedom, and can only relate to Compassion. Ones POL forms concepts of Right/Wrong which then fashion how one thinks, feels, expresses, and does things for success or not. To "do Right" requires "Being Right," "Recognize Right," "Make Things Right," and "Defend the Right" as a way of life--and not "pick and choose." When distilled through the Spiritual Elements, what is made moot is all of the varying conflicts associated with happiness/misery, righteousness/sin, salvation/damnation, good/evil, and virtue/vice since each is reduced to its Right/Wrong essence. But European POL complicates this.

It has replaced the Right/Wrong arena with the word "Values"; replaced the ancient Moral Sciences foundational base with the general theory of "Values"; and replaced Moral judgments with "Values Judgment." These are a reflection of the influences of economics. Their subtle material changes applied to moral "big pictures" generate confusion with those lacking a Spiritual Elements orientation for determining what is "Right." Now material-framed morals are analyzed and any analysis conclusion renders the Spiritual into what has doubt and what is wrong! This is because Spiritual Right is like the 3 parts of a stick--indivisible differences of 2 ends and a middle. It cannot be broken into "snapshots" because that breaks up the great magnitude and magnificence of its "movie." Spiritual Right is the Base/Foundation on which humane people have to cultivate themselves. It takes work!!! They "Know" it because it "Feels Right" and leaves no nagging doubts.


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