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Problematic "Broad Strokes" Critical Thinking

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Whereas the "Big Picture" focuses on the gist of essentials and avoids being overwhelmed by details, anti-Critical Thinking (CT) "Broad Stroke" mindsets come from problems with ones "Self-Greatness"assessment. Here, by not feeling worthy, powerful, or "good enough," one falsely believes what one thinks, feels, says, and does are not important. Such Selfhood Splintering prevents the desire to develop mental challenges and skills. Status quo conflicted thinking and its inconsistent work products are deemed not to greatly matter, for "what difference does it make?" In assessing a situation, out of its contradictory, disagreeable, or the incomplete aspects, they "pick and choose" things of interest. To not appear weak, if they keep that situational story intact, they alter specific details. Or, if the true story is ignored, the details introduced are designed to favor them. Other examples include: (1) knowing a piece of something (partly wrong?) on one part of one plane of existence and believing that is 'everything'; (2) having faith in what one already believes is right and all there is to know; and (3) arrogantly judging unfavorably those who, by knowing other things, do not agree with their judgments. Each stops their learning and progress. First, illustrating this CT "killer triad" are "Instant Psychologists" who display a "broad stroke" by immediately "Scrutinizing," from a glance, a person/thing/message and then jumping to conclusions. They wrongly believe that "glance" of the character behind ones face or appearance of a thing (e.g. a tough problem) tells them every important thing. Based on these emotional misinterpretations, judgments are made that a solution, candidate, or approach will/will not work. Worse yet is taking action on these "guesses." Those delusions lead to bad actions/reactions and to the detriment of all involved.

Second, Rules of Thumb--based on practice, experience, and common sense--are okay for any simple and roughly reasonable method of measurement. Despite a thin stroke difference separating them from accuracy and precision, that amount can and usually does spell failure if applied to tough problems. Third, "Broad Stroke" self-defeaters are: (a) those Black Americans acutely aware of the evil "stay-in-your-place" dictates of Euro-Americans and yet remain silent, non-assertive, and accepting of this psychological bondage by "Making Do"; (b) the many hating the philosophies, values, and practices of Europeans and yet trade in African treasures for the self-destructive European "Trinkets and Trivia"; (c) placers of barriers against the "different" Black People able to help the Black Community; (d) the truly needy who fail to pursue the knowledge (especially of our Ancient African Ancestors' philosophy), CT, job skills, practices (including manners) designed for self-help; and (e) the too many Black Americans exhibiting what some call the "Politics of Redemption"--feeling bound to prove to White people that they and what they do are up to White people's standards. Black People have absolutely nothing to prove to White People. But the reverse is true.

Fourth is the "Coin Collection" known to prevent CT. A CT "Broadstroke" is the Two-Sided Coin Misuse/Abuse, as occurs with the African Law of Opposites. One is believing one is separate from Nature/other people. Another is seeing only a part or all of one side of the coin. Like a coin, every issue has more than one side and it is essential for CT to know its "other side" to properly assess the full story or to open up ones full human potential. A Double-Edged Coin course of action/situation has positive/negative effects or two negative effects which, if not considered, cause failure/injury to oneself and/or to others. "Pay-Back" in the Same Coin is "not giving up something to get something." The Other Side of the Coin means the opposite standpoint is often ignored or ridiculed; or one often fails to show or seek out the disadvantages and, instead deal only with the advantages; or in seeking Truth, one sees only the hard and boring research and uses that as an excuse to avoid work; or unaware fear (loss of power) keeps one doing what gives no lasting benefits. A Two-Faced Coin is a hypocrite (pretending by playing a part) saying something but meaning another. To Not Keep Ones Word implies one is destructively self-absorbed; cares nothing for the feelings of those involved; and prevents one from trusting oneself. CT does the work to avoid these great Broad Stroke abusers of Assessments. Yet, before judging and to ensure it is right, CT pursues Certainty!.


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