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The Natural

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"The Natural" possesses Spiritual Greatness. Ancient Egyptians' “Neter” (God) and “Neteru” (God’s manifestations) are “Nature” and “Natural's” word roots. Old French said Nature means "birth" and later extended the meaning to embrace the basic qualities of anything fundamental and unchangeable. Hence, Nature was defined as the physical aspect of the universe and all natural beauties and phenomena of the land, the sea, and the sky. Very Ancient Africans said God gave birth to the Cosmos. Its transformation (differentiation) from the inert energy of the chaotic state of Pre-Creation Matter into a Cosmos was achieved through sound (the Word) as the prime mover. This set in motion Sounds and Rhythms, both being vibrations transmitting energy under tension to turn on the Orisa (divinities)--both possessing Evocative (mystical) powers--both instinctive and therefore Natural--both designing Cosmic Unity from the Spiritual Elements. Hence, Spiritual Natural pertains to the very essence of Being. Natural vibrations (or rhythms) show as Laws of Nature. The word "Vibration," the basic element of "The Natural," means 'to shake or brandish.' It involves the idea of a motion, not always in the same direction, but in which the moving object goes back and forth--a motion that can, and usually does, result when an elastic material medium is displaced from its equilibrium or rest state. Like Silence between the Notes, when the displacing force is removed, the elastic medium snaps back into its rest state, and then overshoots it. The result is the production of vibrations characterized by movement, rhythm, tension, and relaxation--vibrations based on Laws of Nature--vibrations with a purpose beyond human understanding.

The natural formation of all real things out of the Spiritual Elements are each in the form of unique patterns or shapes containing tension, called Potential Energy. Like a coiled-up spring, Tension is a force, apart from the normal vibrations of a thing, with the ability to produce motion or produce changes of motion. That tension inside each impulse impression partners with the ever-present vibration of that impulse pattern or shape. The movements of both growing and full-grown parts in the Cosmos depend on changes in tenseness. For example, Spiritual/Secular Natural things have a "Certain Sameness" on one side of its circle (the Spiritual Elements) and "Uniqueness" on the other side (Matter). Examples of Spiritual Natural Rhythms in the Cosmic Realms are not only timeless (e.g. ocean waves) but, by harmonizing their tension with breathing, they are called the "Breath of Eternity." The growth and progression of all real things--i.e. God's creatures and creations--are within the Primal Circle of Wholism and thus are governed by its inherent intelligence, according to God's Laws. Natural growth means an increase in size from the amount of the living material added. Then there is a redistribution within of material. The growing cells are very tense, for there is a pressure on the cell wall exerted from within by the watery living matter and the cell sap. The living matter just inside the cell wall controls the give-and-take between the cell sap and the cell wall -- thereby controlling the tenseness.

Although the combination of all the vibrations within ones body is the background designating ones primitive, original, universal mental principle throughout life, how one fashions ones mind and spirit determines if what one thinks, feels, says, and does will be natural or not. Yet, together they characterize ones Selfhood lifestyle manifestations. Ancient African Sages said to orient ones life by, with, and through the Spiritual Elements is the most natural way to think, feel, express, live life as well as be supplied with the "5Ss", contentment, and happiness. While guiding one through the maze of life so as to keep ones Love Platter open, these constitute the driving force, the Base, the Foundation, the Standard, the frame, the filter, and the core ingredients of any real and natural work product.


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