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Natural Self Displays

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One who is Natural has Spiritual Selfhood Greatness, the way one is at birth. Living in naturalness is an exercise in balancing an existence of a composition of Oppositions. Included in these opposites are mysteries and the inevitable; splendor and oddity; sanctuary and peril; enduring and the precariousness of Nature; and soft/pliable but with structured form. Inseparable Differences of opposites, like the past and the future situated on either end of the present, are under tension while in a constant interconnected flow. They, when planning ones life, are in need of attention. Ancient Africans said the orderedness of ones Being from the beginning to the end of ones life is essential to the maintenance and flourishing of life between those two points. Order requires Discernments and uncovering natural Heart (birth)/Head (acquired) differences and similarities residing in the nature of what is chosen, often where it is unexpected. That choice dictates its form, content of material, and color. An analogy is that since color is the most malleable of the elements of design and since one rarely sees a single isolated hue, how one is strongly affected by the surrounding colors and lighting (or environment) in designing a product (or oneself) focuses on a type of naturalness. By continually thriving on the challenge of evoluting from a previous work, ones talent serves as a personal expression of exquisite desire for that which is just about out of reach for achieving unity. Proper Opposition balancing starts with the fluidity and softness of clay and, after firing in the oven of life, maturing into solidarity and hardness in wise resolve. Cultivating the buds and the flowering of the simplest forms of beauty in humble things are creative head, heart, and hands wholistic expressions of a beautiful thing of worth or worth/value.

Each creation is like a Charm Quilt (no matching pieces of fabric) or like playful Poetry. Such usages enhance the capturing of the ethereal and serenity which go with the aesthetic, as seen in its rhythm, contours, and direction. Together, they resemble flowing liquid geometry. Though ones work on art or on oneself starts as functional, decorative, and sculptural, the resultant masterpieces are so functional as to appear elaborate and sculptured. When one is natural, one has a definite Mission in life but pays a heavy price to make it happen or be on the path to making it happen.

To be a False Self orients one away from the Spiritual Elements' naturalness--a state so "common" as to SEEM universally "normal." It arises with childhood "Imaginative Speculations"--self-assessments of distorted or unreal concepts of "Who I am"--each speculation on a given natural trait becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy--and heading one deeper into a False Self. To reverse this requires Critical Thinking to determine: "What is my "Natural Self?" The first of all Newborns' birth gift traits is instinctual Curiosity, as displayed in the pre-mankind animal kingdom and in the lives of all little children. Second are Delayed Natural things, called Congenital Tarda, awaiting their appearances as a human matures (e.g. puberty sex hormones). Third, ones Dormant faculties require conscious effort for their development, as in practicing the skills to learn mathematics, philosophy, physics, and science. Fourth is the cultivation of Self-Discipline for various purposes, as in restraining ones Lower Self's natural appetites or passions. Fifth, is keeping open or reopening ones Spiritual Energy Package of Dedication, Commitment, Determination, Persistence, and Perseverance to achieve goals. Sixth is tapping into ones Spiritual Elements so it can form ones Missions, non-flexible Morals, and Mental Toughness. Keeping Your Word in living up to these natural traits means leaving the crowd to travel an often lonely path through life. Since ones Spiritual Elements and Selfhood are inseparable, an openness to them means one is automatically inspired to discern/uncover/express ones own honorability, beauty and innate creativity--and defend from opposites.


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