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Spiritual Reality

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"Man, get real!" is a today's expression symbolizing the persisting powerful Reality influence of Ancient African philosophy. Amenta Reality ("Other World" Spiritual Reality representing the Cosmic Mind), said Ancient African Sages, is the source of Cosmic Reality. Upon entering the finite Cosmos as Spiritual Elements it was a synthesized Unity exhibiting the Law of Life (i.e. Life is the union of spirit and matter) initially as unrealized Natural Opposites. This means infinite and eternal Cosmic Reality began with Divine Archetypes made of the Spiritual Elements in such unrealized Reality Cosmic dualistic conceptions as Heaven/Earth, space/time, female/male, bliss/sorrow, and other opposites characterizing Truth and Realities. Once these Natural Opposites enter into finite Intangible and then Tangible Realms, their separations, individuations, and Tree Concept-type branchings become greater and greater in descending each rung of the metaphorical A-Frame Cosmic Ladder. The essence manifestation of Real things (i.e. each of God's creatures and creations) out of their Divine Archetypes is a given Thing's "What it is" when each comes into existence. Though each has a unique form and function, all have the same Base/Foundation essence of the Spiritual Elements and thereby interact interdependently as a Cosmic "Genetic" Unity--a Unity African Sages call the sacred Cosmic Organism Circle of Wholism. Together, as is God's plan, all within that Circle produce what is intended.

An illustration is the Divine Archetype Seed destined to be the Animal Kingdom and eventually evoluting to produce human beings. But since vital components of the Cosmic Organism consist of Natural Opposites in the Material World, a Reality part of something may be one way at the beginning of a scale and the rest another way on the far end of the scale. Still, like opposite ends of a Tree, all parts are complementary and comprise the Whole Truth and Reality of the Tree. Understanding this is to have a wholistic insight into the meaning of "Natural Opposites" in Spiritual/Secular assessments. Critical Thinking takes all of this into account and adjustments are made based upon differences in the Spiritual (e.g. having no degrees of Reality) and the Secular things (having degrees of Reality) that go together. As with Unconditional Love, Truth, and the Natural, the Base/Foundation's "Genetics" in all real things have Internal Unity. Its unchanging sameness consists of internal linkages of Order, Regularity, Coherence, Consistency, Compatibility, Balance, Harmony, and Predictability. Each human, by being blessed with the "drop of God" birth gift, has within her/his Soul the entire Cosmic Absolute Reality with each of its components (e.g. immortal and eternal). A human's Free-Will choice to bathe in Absolute Reality is to experience a Purity of Mind having nothing to do with faith, beliefs, or mysticism.

For this bathing to occur requires experiencing Spiritual Reality by shedding all that is not Knowledge (e.g. ones Delusions and information) in order to view things through ones clear Mind's Eye or Inner Vision. That shedding allows one to "step behind" all thoughts, concepts, emotions, or words so as to Feel" Reality and gain a "big picture" understanding of it. >From being free of boundaries on ones mind and by Reflecting without any emotions, opinions, or judgments on what remains--ones mind synthesizes Reality/Truth/Natural/Love. Synthesis inside deepening Contemplation slips into "the Zone"--the Reality experience of all happenings inside and outside ones Selfhood as a unified flowing harmony, of which one is a vital part. To persist in Contemplation increasingly leaves behind ones intellectual knowledge while entering the inferential knowledge of new things. Next, one goes deeper to a kind of experiential knowledge which is then interwoven into ones Selfhood. Such Internalization of experiential knowledge is present when ones understanding of it is spontaneous, regardless of the position in which it is seen or the condition one is in.


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