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Stereotypes as False Realities

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Stereotypes are superficial, impulsive, and false belief symbols about an entire group of people whose individual differences are ignored. Despite being based on a real, distorted, or fantasy “kernel of truth,” their effects are like "Myth Stereotypes." Believers in such Myths have strong opinions and yet know practically nothing of its situational reality or truth, if present at all. A human is a realistic organism to be experienced as a unified totality. However, a "Customized Pseudo-Reality" (CPR) results from any "picking and choosing" from a human's Selfhood (e.g. ones mind, body). That act blocks the experience of Reality. The theoretical notions of "Race" prevents one from knowing a human simply as a unique fellow creature of the Cosmic Organism. To meet a dark-skinned person and interpret what is seen with the concept of a Black American carries with it certain assumptions characterizing features of Black People--features not actually having been experienced in this person. To such "Assumers" these concepts are "more real" than the actual human. Proper approaches for dealing with actual experiences are seekers of Reality, Truth, and Right who regard each human only as actually experienced. That allows them to test if the assumed characteristics of that person's "race" actually exist in that person. In this way they can determine what supports their brought-in predetermined concepts, no matter how narrow, limited, and wrong. By contrast, "Distorters of Reality" determine what they will experience before having the experience. These Weak people's destructive stereotyping covers their Inferiority Complex (self-attacks on their thinking abilities, self-worth and/or self-value) with its deep seated unhappiness. Their focus is only on "being a legend in their own minds" and to do that requires tearing down scapegoats. Their Projection Method is the hurling onto a scapegoat (an individual/group) some “ugly” aspect taken out of their own bad character in order to make it seem as if it is only the victim who has that “ugly” trait.

That fantasy symbol is then fashioned into "ugly" stories about the scapegoat. These "Stereotype" symbols are designed to tell ones own in-group about how to view the scapegoat before the in-group knows anything about them. Those who conform are Weak. The "Deflection" Method both reinforces their Projections and serves to "dim the light of obviousness" on the "ugly" things they do. By being intentionally created fears to justify attacks for their insecurities, "Deflectors" spew in the media or in public gatherings vociferous harsh "Judgments" of scapegoats. The aura from these evil deeds generates individualized subliminal mind influences which join to interdependently fashion a unified atmosphere that penetrates, perfuses, permeates, and pervades within and at most levels of the in-group members. The result is a "certain sameness" of lasting irrational fantasy impressions by the in-group which serve as justification for their Delusional Fears. From those impressions, predetermined dispositions serve as patterns for dealing with the scapegoats. The "why" reasons for their inhumanity are fantasies.

The "Seeing of only selected parts of one side of the Coin" Syndrome is illustrated by the reaction formation (a reality/fantasy reversal) of Deflection--e.g. saying "victims are racists, not me!" Just as applying symbols to represent Reality takes one away from the Truth of Reality, so does giving Black People a stereotype (a symbol). Thus, the focus of outsiders is on the symbol as being most important, as when slave owners of Enslaved Africans focused on the money (a symbol) they could get for each Enslaved (3/5 of a human). Anything keeping a group of people from being thought of as human helps to destroy them because that so removes them from real humanity that the stupid or naive tend to not think of them as human--an "Us vs. Them" situation. Not to be confused with "Stereotypers" are Cautious People who consistently experience a "sameness evilness" pattern from most members of a given group.


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