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Unconditional Love

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For Ancient Egyptians, "Merut" represented the Unconditional Love within each human's drop of God--the drop comprising ones Eternal Soul--the birth gift of ones Selfhood core. "Neter Merri" referred to the Divine's "Merut" path for each human's Eternal Soul return to its original Divine Connection--a pursuit enabling discovery of ones innate glorious Dignity and immortal Divine "Self" springing from ones Soul. African Sages made no attempt to define or explain Love because it, like God, is unknowable. Their astro-mathematical research (among others) led to Circumstantial Evidence, Proof, and Truths used to infer that God is Omniscient (infinite knowledge), Omnipotent (all powerful), and "Omnipresent" (eternal and infinite; temporally and spatially unlimited). Thus, Unconditional Love was chosen as the ideal base for African Tradition because nothing great enough exists against which it can be compared. As a Spiritual Life Force lacking an equal (not even Evil) means any attempts to compare it or equate it with anything known to man introduces illusions and delusions. Hence, nothing short of acquiring Divine power through the Spiritual Elements is capable of empowering one with the fundamental "5Ss"--safety, security, sureness, strength, and stability. After proving God's existence through God's manifestations, Ancient African Sages deemed God's outer nature as Life and inner nature to be Unconditional Love, as is modeled in the Cosmos. They said features of Unconditional Love, by emanating from God's Mind, include that it is: (1) Primordial (i.e. present before the beginning of time and space, and not caused or created by any circumstance); (2) lacking predetermined automatic behavioral response patterns; (3) absent a beginning and having no end; (4) possessing no boundaries, being above time and space, and thus existing as an always “Is”; (5) the perfect, permanent, stationary, enduring, eternal, and all powerful force over any opposing forces (e.g. hate); (6) a scope, depth, and height above the ability of the human mind to grasp; (7) a pervasion of/in the entire Cosmos (even though people are free to not accept it); and (8) a fulfiller of Needy Wants (things like belonging, feeling important and worthy) so as to have a sense of Self-Greatness.

Ancient African Groits taught these concepts to the people: since Unconditional Love is a way of life, it must be about Freedom to "live and let live"; God does not punish!; overcoming the evilness people do to restrict freedom; being Compassionate (sharing a Spiritual Space, regardless of how the other receives it); and rejecting man-made ignorance, like saying "hate is the opposite of Love." Since Unconditional Love is God-made in the Immaterial Realm and Evil/Hate is man-made in the Tangible Realm, they cannot be opposites. Rather, the opposite of Love is the absence of Love.

Unconditional Love is manifest at birth, which makes babies worthy of their mothers' love. That begins the process of giving and receiving Love under the full force of ones Love Platter--the instinct to Love; to spread Love; to be Loved; and to be Lovable. Within the Mother/Child interaction, the child lacks variations of Love because, by Unconditional Love being simple, instinctual, and "just is," it has no degrees, nothing to "figure out," and No Conditions. Any "God said" rules for it make it "man-made" and thus unnatural, unreal, and incompatible with spontaneous displays of the Spiritual Elements. A natural course is living a Ma'at (Spiritual Elements) life. That qualifies one to be Unconditionally Loved because ones virtues, valuableness, and deeds naturally spring out of African Tradition's Philosophy of Life and its natural Good Character. Knowing ones Unconditional Love is spontaneous, said Ancient Africans, occurs "when you can feel yourself related to another, to Nature, and to the Universe in the same complete and natural way as the child to the mother. Then you are aware of being in complete harmony with the Unconditional Love inside humanity and in tune with the natural rhythms of the universe" (Bailey, Common Sense p123).


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