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Self-Love Unconditionally

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The Selfhood of every human arises out of the Cosmic Organism and thus contains its "Genetics"--the Spiritual Elements (e.g. Unconditional Love). Whereas the Cosmic Organism gets its Spiritual Elements from the Cosmic Mind, each human gets them from the spark of God centered in ones Divine Consciousness. Thus the Cosmic Organism and ones Selfhood feature Spiritual Energy's free flowing Unconditional Love within, around, and out of them. Its effects and consequences manifest when ones Selfhood is in contact with ones Divine Consciousness (ones Self-Love source). Then empowerment comes by filtering all of ones thoughts, emotions, expressions, and behaviors into a distillate of ones Self-Love. It orients one to the daily taking care of ones Private Self, Physical Body Self, Public Self (the part relating to people and Nature), the remainder of ones Selfhood, and extending to include the entire Cosmic Organism. When one lives from the Certainty of being an extension of God, one has the ability to acquire the Knowledge needed to Thrive; to Know ones Mission in life; to be aware of ones duty to serve as God's Helping Hands in the meaningful betterment of others; and how to continue improving in living a Ma'at life (Spiritual Elements in action) so as to have the "5Ss." Put another way, by Self-Love embracing Self-Greatness and Self-Appreciation, ones “sympathetic” work products are geared to do whatever it takes to create, enhance, maintain, protect, prevent harm to, or to repair whatever is related to Love, Peace, Truth, Reality, the Natural, harmony, and unity.

Accepting that one naturally possesses Self-Love and an unlimited potential to create and achieve is itself a life-shaping or life-changing moment. Still, Self-Love must be cultivated, as shown to me as a boy by my parents and members of my all-Black community. From them I learned the African Tradition's two purposes for humans' transformation during ones earthly experiences. First is to fulfill the Divine Plan -- returning to God in the same purified state in which one was originally formed. Second is developing tools for forcing out my divine powers for self-cultivation in order to handle life's difficulties. To be angry, hateful, envious, dishonorable, or ill-mannered are never considered because each is harmful to ones entire Selfhood and to others. If bad is done, retributions are made. Within this context I learned as a boy to not allow my emotions to get in progress' way because that is of no benefit to me. Thus, for me to engage in and live out of Emotional Junk is stupid ("stupid" means having eyes but cannot see). Personally, I appreciate people pointing out flaws in my work that could possibly be a problem or that help me improve. This is because great pleasures in my life come from producing a "perfect" product or at least one I can look at with pride. My self-love position is to never intentionally do harm to others as well as do all I can to make my life a "win-win" project. For these reasons I want everyone to thrive--and particularly those having the most trouble in life (not attributable to their laziness). Self-Love is against not keeping ones word or "giving up" on any worthwhile goal.

Resolving ones Self-Absorption and Splintered Selfhood begins with doing Ma'at things for ones family; then friends; then those needily requiring a "Helping Hand" from their uncontrollable problems. Another natural resolution is dedication to tedious efforts, time, and energy put into replacing illusions, delusions, emotions, beliefs, opinions, and information (even if it SEEMS good) with Knowledge to arrive at a place of Certainty--Certainty that serves as a "5Ss" Selfhood Anchor. Now, one can be courageous and bold in going after what one deserves to have in life. Meanwhile, Self-Love realizes "discretion is the better part of valor," meaning there is no point in showing courage (or "manhood") in the face of overwhelming odds. Here, it is best to have a "poker face" (not show anger so they will not know they have done damage); keep quiet; never fight back; and walk away toward ones destination.


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