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Spiritual Elements Overview

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How much Information there is to learn or that one has already learned is like spreading ones arms as wide as they go. But with ones hands in an almost prayer position is all the Knowledge one needs to develop a sound Private Self foundation. Yet, by not being in any readily available source, that Knowledge is hard to find. Then where is it? Imagine on a cloudy, rainy day that obscures the sunlight, one is standing under a shed. That shed is like rigid man-made rules one is living under and the clouds are like the bad information being used as ones life's standards, guides, and filter. Both cloud and shed settings, being subtly unsatisfying, mean forcing oneself into believing they SEEM right so as to "get along by going along" and to "act as if" one "knows what's happening." Now, one vigoriously defends them and attacks those free of them--the free who strive to be better by doing personal status Critical Thinking (CT) assessments. The non-emotional determine what is/is not working and select new standards designed to provide a Happy and Thriving life. This starts with viewing their life's course to see where they came from, where they are, and where they are going.

Babies are born out of, through, and into the Spiritual Elements--Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. But not long after birth they see these, and look-alikes, in many different forms--perhaps at first in the good Human Love way that brings order, peace, and unity. Each new day thereafter exposes them to varied Love expressions--e.g. in familial ties (parental, filial, fraternal); friendships between and within genders; dealings with fellow humans; and within oneself. Eventually, "non-feel good" deviations off the Human Love path prompt children to question what is Love. Some are molded by the cloud and shed formers called Conditional Love ("I won't love you if you do this or that") and anthropomorphism (making God human-like), as if outsiders have insights into what the Unknowable God says ("God wants you to…"), what God does ("God will punish you if you do that"), or how God appears (e.g. a White man with a beard). Those showered with Unconditional Love are nevertheless bombarded with bad information in what they see, are told, or read. For example, a European dictionary says: "Love is a deep, tender feeling of attention and solicitude toward a person; a feeling of intense desire and attraction; the emotion of sex and romance; an intense emotional attachment." It defines "Feeling" as: "an affective state, such as that resulting from emotions or desires." To be satisfied with this is incomplete and misleading research because they are about emotions within the setting of man-made opinions. Experience has correctly taught me to always consult Ancient African philosophy in order to make life-shaping and life-changing decisions--and that is invariably within the context of the Spiritual Elements.

In keeping with the Sankofa process (return to Ancient African Tradition to acquire the principles for clearing ones present "cloud and shed" problems so as to pave the way into a thriving future) one will discover the Right answers for a Happy and Thriving life are already present in ones own Soul (i.e. ones divine spark of God). One first looks for what is Spiritually Certain, around which one builds ones Selfhood Anchors. The keystone anchor is ones Philosophy of Life (POL). The POL one chooses to serve as ones standards, filters, and guides for and through life is the background fashioning and driving all of ones choices, decisions, and solutions in life. It will determine how one survives and to what degree one thrives in life; determine ones Character; determine ones Self-Esteem; determine ones World-View; and determine ones Philosophical Warehouse (where one instantly goes for decision and solution making in "split-second" emergencies). A Spiritual POL has nothing to do with emotions. The purpose of Emotions is to supply living organisms with the energy for forceful physical action (e.g. "Fight or Flight"), not decision making.


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