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Spiritual Elements "Definitions"

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The Spiritual Elements--Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural--by emanating out of the Mind of God, are the Ultimate Standards, filters, and life guides, said Ancient African Sages, for human beings intent on reaching the Heaven Afterlife. To live within their confines and not deviate from them by the tinest of a degree is the channel leading to personal mental freedom and Private Self success in life. But a dilemma is that by being Spiritual--and thus infinite, eternal, boundless, and undefinable--means the human mind cannot fully grasp their Wisdom. Still, to achieve noble life ends one must Know what they are/do/appear vs. their "Not" counterparts. Next, internalize what they are/do so that automatically--and without rigid rules (since rigid rules are man-made and thus lacking certainty)--they flow out of ones Selfhood. To that end, a given "Spiritual Definition"--derived by Experience, by Feelings, and/or by Natural (Spiritual) Patterns--can be a useful "skeleton" to start planning ones life path. Afrocentrically, to define a thing is to make clear "what it is" and distinguish it from what it is not--i.e. segregating Truth from look-alikes. From 40 years of researching all the world's major religions and philosophies, I have Certainty that Knowledge of the Spiritual Elements is in the Ancient African Bible--some extensively discussed in my book: "Ancient African Bible Messages." Ongoing research of Ancient African Spiritual Literature continues to clarify distinctions as to what the Spiritual Elements features are; where to make changes; and how to refine them in me so as to conform to the Knowledge they impart. As a result of applying them to my daily living, life has become much less complex, less confusing, and calmly "slowed down."

Spiritual Elements' "Definitions" are the reverse of Secular Definitions. Though the Spiritual Elements are "Independent Interpenetrating Inseparables" (as with the four sides of a square), they express their interrelatedness and interdependence similar to the changing colors seen by rotating a kaleidoscope. Here, with the slightest of movement there is the changing of different color combinations and the overlapping of those colors, both to different degrees at each turn. Rather than having to learn each color combination, when the unchanging birth gift Spiritual Elements are internalized, they instinctually display what is "Right." A reason one might not recognize them is that there is an "Emotional Junk" cloud covering them--a cloud one has constructed or that one has allowed others to construct for them. Ones solutions for dealing with "Junk" problems associated with the cloud have been so bad that one coped by hiding under a shed. Yet, they remain readily available for use by one simply not interfering with their expressions. The process for removing the cloud and shed is likened to how a newborn proceeds to make sense of the Earth World into which she/he is born.

Let us assume a newborn sees a material world that looks like a “Glob,” meaning all of its components are “Lumped” together. Here, the obvious is obviously not obvious. Thus, there is no space for distinguishing mother's features for the infant to determine specifics. Still, the nature of the newborn's Spiritual Elements drives it to curiously and enthusiastically explore the unknown of the obvious. Over time, the infant discerns and then distinguishes things, sort of like removing leafs from a head of lettuce--an analogy for peeling away pieces of the "glob"--and examining each one at a time. First, perhaps mother’s face is separated from the background and from the person standing next to her. Then, to the exclusion of all else, the infant sees one of mother’s eyes; next, both eyes separately; still later, her eyelashes; and finally, the "big picture" of mother. The point: defining Spiritual Elements requires dedication, commitment, loyalty, determination, persistence, and perseverance to discern what they are. One then sheds ones Ego, with its bad Emotional Energy driving enthrallment with trinkets of the Material world and blindness to Spiritual Treasures.


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