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Anchors for Critical Thinking

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The 13th century English word "Fundamental" means the bottom part of a foundation--like the base of a skyscraper building. Whereas Needs are for Survival (e.g. food, water) and Wants are what people desire, Needy Wants are what it takes for ones Private Self to thrive. Fundamental to thriving is the "5Ss": SAFETY is a sense of being protected by something strong enough to survive any opposing forces. SECURITY is the actuality of all ones needs being cared for--whether to get what one desires or to not get what one does not desire. SURENESS equates to a sense of self-confidence and confidence is empowering (e.g. gives a personal sense of control). STABILITY is just short of being permanently fixed, in the way a spinning top is tilted from being knocked off course but then returns to its normal upright position. STRENGTH is a resistance to unwanted change or the ability to bring about desired change. The "5Ss" impart Private Self Certainty, as the Anchor Concept illustrates.

Ancient East and West Africans were adventurous seafarers and perhaps prior to 20,000 BC there were trips to the Americas. Nevertheless, the earliest recorded progress in boat building was in the pre-Egypt area. By 6000 B.C. their voyages were in vessels built out of planks around a wooden framework -- much like today’s ships. They instituted heavy rock anchors (to hold fast) attached to a vessel by a rope cast overboard so as to keep the vessel in place. One was temporary, carried by the vessel and hoisted aboard whenever the vessel was under way, equivalent to Information. The other, a mooring, was a permanent anchor and rarely moved for it was too heavy, equivalent to Knowledge. African Sages characterized the ultimate immovable Anchor as the drop of God in each human--the supplier of the "5Ss." For Very Ancient Africans' Nature approach, this Anchor Concept was applied for the purpose of finding an absolute anchor in the earth world so as to serve as a point of stability for all decision-making and problem-solving; into African Tradition's philosophy of life for using the Spiritual Elements as their Absolute Anchor to conceptualize "How to Live"; and for a metaphorical rigid device serving as a tow-rope for holding fast to one being true to oneself + holding one in check during bad "earthquake" life moments.

Critical Thinking recognizes all Spiritual Certainty/Knowledge, representing things as they came into Cosmic Being (i.e. "What it is") out of the Spiritual Elements,as Fundamental Anchors for ones Private Self. Mathematics is the Spiritual/Secular Certainty/Knowledge anchor for ones Public Self dealings with things in the Material world. This is because it represents things as they came into Being by the Human Mind using Circumstantal Truths. Hence Spiritual and Secular Certainty/Knowledge is "Denotative" and can be described (e.g. A-Fame Earth to Heaven Ladder) so that the mind can conceptualize what is above its ability to grasp. Anything else is Information. But what people do with Spiritual and Secular Certainty/Knowledge is "Connotative," meaning it can be true, distorted, or fantasy. A problem with the Denotative Spiritual is that although the Spiritual Elements themselves are Spiritually Certain/Knowledge, the Words used by humans to convey interpretations of the supposed realistic (which is humanly impossible) messages are inadequate because Words (whether right or wrong) are only symbols of how a piece of the Spiritual Elements is rightly or wrongly interpreted by human minds. An example of the true Connotative Spiritual is how Ancient Africans used Metaphors to convey the Spiritual Elements. A false Connotative Spiritual is how foreigners used those same Metaphors but converted them into facts to thereby convey lies that SEEM right. Then that "SEEMS right" wrong information is taken further away from the Spiritual Elements by the interpretations given to those false Connotative Spiritual concepts. This means there can be no Certainty and, as a result, people who accept it do so by clinging to it and defending it.


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