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All is One; One is in All

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"All for one, one for all," (from 'The Three Musketeers' by the Black Frenchman Alexandre Dumas) is a truism of the Cosmic Organism. From God's mind, said Ancient Africans, come different Archetypes (or "Seeds"), each designating a Class of a Like-Kind something in the Seeable world. The "Mother of all Trees" is a Plant example; for Animals, Humans' Mother. The "Big Picture" is that every Cosmic Organism item is essential to what resembles a spider web. Imagine the Cosmic Organism web is formed by a spider with radial lines all passing through the center, like spokes of a wheel through its hub. Then the spider fashions a spiral in the central section by walking round and round, producing a web as she goes and attaching each strand to a spoke. The spokes are linked up, with hundreds of joinings, till the web is complete and all is united.

Similarly, the Cosmic Organism is an organized organic system coordinated into a Wholistic Circle. Like the human body, its "organs" are specialized for certain functions, featuring a division of labor. Yet, each is dependent upon others for its necessities of life. Like the spider web, there is an interconnectedness and interrelatedness among each and every component so as to contribute to the balance, Harmony, Cohesiveness, Consistency, Compatibility, and Products which "unify" the Cosmic Organism--a unity of "Like-Kinds" and Similarities which form Classifications.

"Like-Kind" in the Cosmic Organism means all of its "Big Three"--Archetype Classes, the Prototype sub-Classes, and a Prototype's sub-sub-Classes--have the same "Genetics" (Seed Source & Base/Foundation). "Similarity" within any given sub-Class and any given sub-sub-class is like the "identical with each other" seen in human Identical (monozygotic) Twins--twins resulting from a single fertilized ovum (mother's reproductive "egg"). Despite being identical in Genetic source and make-up, the DNA in each twin activates and inhibits cells differently to produce unique individuals. Still, every body organ in each twin is working independently in doing its duty and yet all the cells and all the organs together fashion a product "identical with" the purpose of keeping that twin physically healthy. By having the same parents and sharing the same ovum, they are "unified" but not "One" (because of tiny subtle differences).

Regarding Classification Classes, out of the Archetype Seed for the Tree Class comes a Prototype (Like-Kind things "tied in bundles")--i.e. sub-Classes of Trees--e.g. one for all the apple trees and one for all orange trees on earth. Sub-sub-Classes include Washington Apples and Fuji Apples. Each Sub-sub-Class of apples is distinguished from other members of its sub-Class under the Tree Prototype by Unique Subtleties in design and function. How this happens is that DNA is in all the cells of the "Big Three". However, in accord with God's Plan, the DNA in the cells of each of the "Big Three" possess an inherent intelligence to activate certain of its parts and inhibit other parts. This fact allows for specialized appearances and duties (Uniqueness) in the "Big Three" as well as in every apple of any sub-sub-type. What also illustrates this "Big Picture" concept of how every Cosmic thing is related and duplicated is the recent discoveries about Minerals on Mars. One of Mars' rocks contains Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Sulfur, and Phosphorus--elements accounting for more than 96% of the Earth's life stuff. These minerals as well as the organic elements maintain their integrity as vital parts to the Cosmic Wholism--no matter how they are combined/recombined or arranged/rearranged to create any given new form--no matter on what Cosmic plane of existence they are in--no matter how viewed. In short, despite unique appearances of things in the Cosmos, all possess the same Base/Foundation and Spiritual internal linkages with each other and therefore within the Cosmic Organism, including Minerals. This explains why "All for One and One for All" concerns the Truth of the Oneness and Unity of All.


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