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Nature's Organization and Interdependence

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So how did our brilliant Ancient African Ancestors critically think and teach the various Spiritual Knowings? Certainty about the Cosmic Order possessing a Oneness of origin provided the foundation for their African Tradition + gave an understanding for every thing in the Cosmos having a Like-Kind offspring and parent--each of whom conform to the Ultimate Creator's purpose. To over-simplify this concept, think of the 15th century English word Duplicate (two-fold) as referring to making a spare house key; next as making several "duplicate" copies of a single photograph. The concept of several "duplicate" copies corresponds to Very Ancient Africans' astro-mathematics leading to the discovery of its presence throughout all planes of Cosmic existence. "Similarities" imply the Spiritual Elements, wherever located in the Cosmos, precisely and exactly conform to the Creator's original Cosmic Plan--a concept enabling them to infer the blending of Spirit/Matter, Heaven/Earth into one unity. This means the Base/Foundation of anything Real (e.g. a human) in the Cosmos is otherwise the same as every other Real entity in its substance, effects, provision contents, and general purpose. However, based upon its DNA activating and inhibiting certain of its parts, each entity is unique in its external appearance and in its functional purpose.

Thus, the Order duplication of the Spiritual Elements in all parts of the Cosmic Organism + each entity working independently to interdependently fulfill the Creator's Plan inherently maintains Cosmic Unity. For example, African Sages realized each Cosmic entity (e.g. stars and planets) is based upon a specific pattern, each possessing a specific vibration rate--a realization leading them to classify aspects of Nature. To illustrate, using their observational knowledge of the sky, African Sages separated the Cosmos into three major realms—the Immaterial (the realm of God), the Intangible (pre-Matter), and the Tangible (Material objects). By such Order they could make sense out of a complex, confusing, and predominately Unseen world.

Then African Sages perhaps made the following observational knowledge of the Earth World (to which modern science elaboration is added): (1) just as the heart has 4 chambers and is red, so does a tomato have 4 chambers, is red, and contains lycopine--a heart and blood food. (2) Grapes hang in a heart-shaped cluster and each grape looks like a blood cell. Grapes are a profound heart and blood vitalizing food; (3) the end of a sliced carrot looks like the human eye--carrots enhance blood flow to and help the eyes function; (4) a walnut looks like a little brain (with its right and left hemispheres, upper cerebrum, and lower cerebellums). The wrinkles and folds are like the neocortex (or Rational Brain). Walnuts help develop more than 3 dozen neuron-transmitters for brain function; (5) Kidney beans (and looking like the kidneys) help maintain the kidney function; (6) Celery, bok choy, rhubarb look like bones and they specifically target bone strength. Bones and these foods are 23% sodium; (7) Avocadoes, egg plant, and pears look like and target the health and function of the female womb and cervix. Avocadoes help balance hormones, shed unwanted birth weight, and prevent cervical cancer. It takes exactly 9 months to grow an Avocado; (8) Figs, like the testes, hang in twos and are full of seeds (like sperm). They increase the mobility of the sperm, increase the number of sperm, and help overcome male sterility; (9) Sweet Potatoes, which look like the pancreas, help balance the glycemic index of diabetics; (10) Olives assist health and function of the ovaries; (11) Oranges, grapefruit, and other citrus look like the woman's mammary glands and assist the health of the breast and movement of lymph in and out of the breast; (12) Onions resemble the body's cells, help clear waste, and produce tears to wash the epithelial layers of the eyes; (13) Garlic helps clear waste and remove free radicals from the body. Such happens because of a Cosmic Mind Intelligence behind all this.


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