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African Tradition's Spiritual/Secular Knowing

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Ancient Africans stressed "Education" (“to lead out what is inside”) over "Teaching" (“to show” so as to impart knowledge for learning), Instructing (“to build in or into”), or "Training" (active mind exercising in order to form habits)--and yet used all four. Ancient Egyptian Mystery School's Education (c12,500 BC), called Dialectic, represents the highest form of Abstract/Abstraction thinking known to mankind. Dialectics is based on the African Theory of Anamnesis--that children are born with knowledge already in their Souls but (Step I) needing help to recall it. Step II infers the essence of metaphysical (away from the physical) and physical things out of ones Spiritual Knowings to arrive at Principles (i.e.unchanging reality "Seeds"). The African Law of Holonomy (the whole is inside the Seed; the whole is contained in each of the Seed's manifested parts; and the Seed is found throughout the whole) was a Step III, "Thinking in Principles" model for Wholism. By thoroughly knowing the contents of the Seed one determines "What a Thing is"--the essence of Discernment (making insightful distinctions so as to enter the "Hidden" and/or to enter perplexing parts of an "Impossible" Problem (elaborated on in my book: "Leadership Critical Thinking). Whatever rightly emerges out of the "Seed" or Principle constitutes Circumstantial Evidence, Proof, and Truth for what is contained within the Seed. This is a way to establish "Correspondence"--a fundamental which Critical Thinking (CT) aims to establish about any complex problem. Such insights allow one to figure out what is natural in manifesting "What it Does" and "How it Appears"; give standards for judging how accurately what other people say about the "What it Does" and "How it Appears" of a Thing; and see deceptions of Brutes, con-artists, the ignorant, and the Crowd.

African Dialectic was borrowed (and plagiarized) into the Western world as the Socratic Method--a Question/Answer process pushing one past ones own self-imposed limits of information and leading one to display Spiritual and Spiritual/Secular Knowing wisdom. It consists of a CT exercise designed to help students figure out the truth or to clarify an issue by recognizing and shedding what is false; by showing which aspects are wholly inconsistent with one another; and by determining aspects having a harmonious fit on higher planes of existence (Bailey, Supreme Thinking of Ancient Africans). Educators act as a guide to bring ideas, thoughts, concepts, feelings, emotions, beliefs (e.g. religious), faith, opinions, and attitudes out of students -- particularly those that are hazy, wrong directed, bad, almost, or even hidden inside the student. To stop being misled, one must know the highest levels of Thought by separating and shedding Flawed Information. Hence, from the best of "Information," Spiritual and Spiritual/Secular Knowing are determined by running accepted candidates through the Spiritual Elements. Then, one only deals with the "distillate" (the essence in purified form). Anything that is off 0.00001 degree is rejected.

A "Why" analogy is that if one is off 0.00001 degree in going from the Earth to the Moon, one will wind up on Mars. Uncertainty causes clinging and defensiveness. ALMOST IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! "SEEMS RIGHT" IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! BELIEF/FAITH IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!! To possess Spiritual or Spiritual/Secular Knowing is to have a direct relation with Reality and Nature's rhythm; Freedom from Doubt; and Certainty equating to what Dr. King said: "I have been to the Mountain Top." Question: Since our brilliant Ancient African Ancestors had Certainty from Spiritual Knowing, Spiritual/Secular Knowing, Spiritual Faith, Spiritual Trust, and Spiritual Hope, why have so many of their today's offspring stepped down into the flawed general arena of Information, and its subdivisions of Secular Faith, Beliefs, and Secular Trust? The price paid for this is allowing their minds to be controlled and be directed into oppression and poverty by unscrupulous people.


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