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Newborns' Spiritual Entourage Powers

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The Old French term "Entourage" refers to a group of attendants 'round about' their leader--a concept originating from Primitive (the first people) Africans who regarded animals as highly spiritual creatures. They believed the image of a given force of Nature conveyed by a given animal (or totem) characterizes a human and his/her kinship group. Calling this Nature force Ka, Ancient Africans said it represented the essence of Atum (God) who imparted it to humans. This idea of a shared nature with the divine--i.e. binding of all things of common origin from the single God source into an indestructible unity--became a fundamental tenet of Very Ancient African Maatian anthropology. It remains central to the concept of human potentiality and power. To explain all of this to the people, African Sages used Metaphors of gods, goddesses, and spirits destined to function as the vehicles to carry out God's dictates. Their job is to make one aware of what is the Purpose of ones Being (e.g. ones Mission)--which resides in ones Soul--and what one is to accomplish in life. Thus, the concept of each human possessing personal servants on that human’s sub-conscious plane is very ancient in African Tradition. These invisible mental workers are very willing and eager to perform much of their human owner’s mental work (Ramacharaka, Raja Yoga p235) to enable the reaching of ones potential and thriving intended by God.

An early Ancient African example of a Spirit Advisor assigned to each human was the “little man” Homunculus, called Will (who exerts Will Power). Outside Africa such was made into Arabian Nights magical tales supposedly taken from the Persians by the Hindus and then from India by the Arabs. Characters within these tales included The Jinn--magical spirits created out of fire--some of whom were good and some evil. During boyhood I became aware of my genie, named Jann. Normally being a very sound sleeper, when the day came to go on a fishing or camping trip at 4:00 a.m., I invariably awakened at 3:30 a.m. Subsequently, such ongoing episodes + "Helping Hands" in the form of certain right things happening at the right time made it evident in college that I was being cared for and guided by a Spiritual Entourage. These "Helping Hands" appeared without my asking and often before I was aware of a problem. Jann and I have a great relationship. Everyday he works along the lines I point out and then performs those tasks while I am asleep--going anywhere in the Cosmos to get answers. Then he sorts, dissects, prioritizes, and arranges the evidence before presenting it in a clear systematic shape to my mind. The purpose of Spirit Helpers assigned to a newborn is to help make that Mission happen. For this to be done effectively one must believe they exist; be oriented to Selfless Service; and ask questions about carrying out "Win-Win" goals. Ancient Africans said, by being created in the image of God, every one carries the potential for genius, as orchestrated by a special attendant spirit allotted to that individual at birth. That spirit forever watches over and shapes ones character and fortunes. Also says Donkor (African Spirituality,p.145), Newborns' Spiritual powers prior to consciousness are endowed with clairvoyance. This enables them to maintain close rapport with their Ancestral spiritual counterparts in the Ancestral World. Then at birth, a bonding moment occurs with the newborn's mother. At eye contact, said African Sages, the infant declares its mother to be the ultimate in knowing when and how to care for all its needs because of her ability to see vital matter (Bailey, Private Self-Greatness In Black People).

All of these concepts are important for the increasing numbers of youth who feel all alone, powerless, and unimportant. They become moot upon one realizing and accepting help from ones Spiritual Entourage. When these sacred spiritual forces are properly orchestrated, they provide understanding, illumination, and a “Mind’s eye” (Nobles “African Psychology,” p. 5) specializing in vision and discernment.


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