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Spiritual/Secular Knowing

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Spiritual/Secular (Earth World) Knowing encompasses the Spiritual Elements within a Ma'at living context. It begins with an unborn human living in a Spiritual plane of existence and adding to itself the Earth World plane following birth. To elaborate, Ancient African Sages said there are many planes of existence. In contrast to a "Place" (which concerns a wide area of matter, like a broad street), a "Plane" is a sort of "State" ('way of standing, condition, position') of vibratory energy consisting of wave-like entities, each possessing different dimensions. One dimension inside a given Plane is a unique functioning Being of the Cosmic Organism. Each Being's particle wave, depending upon its shape (e.g. whether of good or bad thoughts), has a specific frequency corresponding to a specific energy power. The way its matter vibrates determines its form and the higher the vibration the more advanced the life form and what is in that form. For example, Unconditional Love vibrates at "God speed" while anger or hate vibrate at much slower speeds. A portion of air space may be occupied by several planes at the same time, just as a room may be filled with the rays of the sun + rays of a lamp + x-rays + magnetic and electric vibrations and waves. Each of these rays interpenetrate the others and yet without affecting or interfering with each other (Ramacharaka, Gnani Yoga p285, 295; Ramacharaka, Fourteen Lessons p191).

Whereas words and numbers are always strung out in a line and occur in a sequence (which make them linear), in the Cosmos everything in each Plane is happening at once (which make them non-linear). This means there are multiple variables in the atmosphere surrounding a person and ones brain handles millions of these variables without one being conscious of it. An analogy is that many musical notes in a certain degree of vibration of the air occupy the same position in a "State" space and yet they do not conflict with each other in so far as space-filling qualities are concerned. One can hear them because they are made of vibratory energy, not matter. This is in contrast to the law of physics which says no two bodies of matter can occupy the same space at the same time. Matter is merely a very low form of vibratory energy, including the flimsiest form of Matter, and it possesses wave properties, and therefore frequencies. Yet, it vibrates so fast that nothing can be put through it. Even what appears to be stable Matter is fashioned from indivisible particles of vibrating energy known as Quanta. Abstraction (a virtual mental image taken from material objects) and Abstract Messages contained in the Spiritual/Secular Knowing realm are forms of frozen energy within a plane "State." Spiritual Abstracts, being beyond the scope of the human mind to grasp, are more important. Still, the inner nature (its birth Essence) of Abstraction and Abstract forms are capable of being discerned, despite one not seeing the frozen energy form itself. By discerning the inner nature of God's "Big Mind," said Ancient African Sages, allows the Spiritual/Secular determinations of what God/Knowledge is/is not. Spiritual Abstracts, by containing God's Substance, can persist eternally. Intangible Knowing, though finite, persists almost infinitely. Secular Knowing persists for comparatively short periods of time.

Each Plane of Existence has its own rules, and often quite different from each other. Such helps explain why one is enriched by certain harmonious atmospheres or by the auras of good people. This alerts Critical Thinkers (CT) to the disharmonious, enabling one to immediately take action without other information available. Bits and pieces can be taken off several different planes for the purpose of creating something new, as "showtime" basketball players do (e.g. "slam dunks"). By recognizing the unique components of very complex concepts enables CT to organize that problem and gain insight as to how to creatively handle it. Spiritual/Secular Knowing leads one to focus on the important and avoid wasting time on Trinkets/Trivia.


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