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Spiritual Knowing

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The model for Spiritual Knowing is babies born pristine because the drop of God in their Selfhoods is untarnished (Bingaman). I daresay newborns have an inherent awareness of the Spiritual Elements as well as being created out of the Spiritual Elements. That all pre-birth humans possess and, after birth, are able to maintain such an awareness throughout life, is in conformity with Ancient African Sages considering Cosmic Life to be the result of the union of spirit and matter. The source of Spiritual Knowing is from the spark of God within every human's soul, called ones Intuitive faculties. It contains, at birth, all Truths present in the Cosmos and their potential possibilities. In other words, while on route to ones ultimate destiny of returning to God in the same purified state in which one was originally formed, all of the Wisdom one needs to thrive in Earth World (Secular) life comes from what is already within. This implies all the Truths one needs in life, powered by ones Spiritual Elements, are already present in ones Selfhood, simply awaiting cultivating them into their manifestations. Such Spiritual Knowledge, defined as Spiritual Certainty ("like a tree planted by the water, I cannot be moved"), is independent of and uninfluenced by Information imparted by anyone in the outside world. This is why Ancient Africans, at least as early as 12,500 BC wrote on the walls of their temples: "Man, Know Thyself." For this to happen one must be open to the Cosmic source of the Spiritual Elements reflected inside ones Soul--Elements conveyed by the vehicle of vibrations and featuring Rhythms. After Very Ancient Africans discovered the Cosmic reality of Vibrations--and that vibrations are the overall fabric of Cosmic Substance--and that since their minds were God given and also emitted vibrations and rhythms--they probably never doubted the power of their minds to apprehend the ultimate truth about the vibratory Laws of Nature—an early basis for the design of Magic.

Because the God emanated Spiritual Elements are natural vibrations (or rhythms), they exhibit the Law of Spiritual Creativity by each fashioning things out of itself--and by itself--and becoming the thing it makes--the model for a correspondence of Cosmic Order. "The All" (God), African Sages said, retains a constant vibration of such an infinite degree of intensity and rapidity as to be considered at rest. Any human instinct is Spiritually Known by being "Felt" through "God speed" vibrations--and without thought and without an ability to put it into words. Nevertheless, the Instinct is capable of remaining in ones subconscious or even conscious by means of one associating it with a Symbol which is given a name, like labeling only the tip of an iceberg. Obviously, that term has nothing to do with the nature of what it represents and yet amazingly most people consider this mixture of reality (Essence) and fantasy (its name) to be the same--a major misconception leading to confusion and faulty beliefs. This is how ones mind can be controlled by Brutes. By contrast, putting a symbol on what is "Felt" can be beneficial, as by it serving as a motivator. The Abstract concept of "Courage" does not evoke a mental image until it is associated with the "heart of a lion," which thus gives it form. "Courage" is placed alongside what is so familiar to people as for it to burst with affect symbolic imagery. Since a lion is known to have boldness, a lion's heart is connotatively considered synonymous with Courage.

Still, courage is not a lion and they are related only by a metaphorical abstract which otherwise has nothing to do with either Courage or a lion's manifestations, their activities, their results, or whatever consequences proceed from them. Spiritual Knowing is always present and right, regardless of how one feels about it. To have the "5Ss" is a way to have Spiritual Knowing, and vice versa. This explains why Black People know the Truth when they hear it--despite their status, any mental disharmony, or problems with love and reality. It just "Feels Spiritually Right."


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