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Real Self

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Ancient African Sages' research led them to conclude that since God's internal nature is Unconditional Love and that humans are made in the image of God, then the cherished values arising out of God’s Love must be present in the Divine Archetype (the Seed). Since this "Seed" gives rise to Humanity, it is present in the Selfhood of each human. Hence, each human's Real Self constitutes ones Highest (Divine) Self -- the Image of God -- ones Soul -- ones "Self" Identity -- ones Divine Consciousness -- ones indwelling divine intelligence. It is the home--embedded within ones Soul--of ones Spiritual Dignity. Thus, it is the earliest (present before birth), the most deeply located, the most meaningful, the most unalterable, and the only eternal enduring of all of ones Selfhood subdivisions acquired before or after birth. Like the tentacles on an octopus, it has extensions from ones Soul into the material world--the vehicle for Secular Knowledge--as well as extensions from ones Soul into the realms of the highest Cosmic Powers, including the Sublime--the vehicle for Spiritual Knowledge.

All contents within Humanity is made out of the Spiritual Elements which, in turn, give birth to the Ether (pre-matter) making up Spiritual Energy. The Ether bases its functions on Divine Laws and therefore flowing out of Spiritual Energy is rightly arranged and combined Spiritual Elements in such forms as Justice, Righteousness, Truth, Order, Rightness, Straight-forwardness, Conscientiousness, Beauty, Perfection, Integrity, Goodness, Practical Reality, Harmony, and Balance. These Spiritual Elements and its Spiritual Energy are made known to humans as "Aliveness." ALIVENESS, the contents of Happiness, contains ones sense of Purpose for being alive; ones Mission; the Curiosity; Courage, Creativity, urgency, and confidence for all one needs to be successful in life; a disposition for "Right" Morals; Manners; an enjoyment of life; Instincts for staying connected with the Truth and Reality as part of doing the "Right" thing at the "Right" time; an urge for freedom; Compassion, the imparting of Unconditional Love; doing the Natural; Nonaggression (e.g. gentleness, kindness, empathy, affection, helpfulness, and a desire to "make things Right"); and Caring. It is a Spiritual Energy Package directed to harmonious dedication, commitment, loyalty, determination, persistence, and perseverance needed to complete any worthwhile task and drive away ones Emotional Energy powered Ego (False Self). This implies ones life-force--the Ether--is free-flowing around, within, and out of the happy human's Real Self. It just happens! As a result, ones Real Self's Love Platter -- i.e. the instinct to Love; to spread Love; to be Loved; and to be Lovable--is overflowing. All of this provides one with ones Personal Standards (the Instincts reflecting the Will of God) which, along with ones birth assigned personal spirit guides, lead one to: "Be Right," "Recognize Right," "Do Right," "Make Things Right," & "Defend the Right".

Ones Real Self has an urge to express its contents of True Goals--always being “For” something and not against anything (except evil)--designed to proceed toward the Ultimate. In other words, to be open to ones Real Self is to be ever aware of what to do when one does not know what to do. Simply by getting on the path of a True Goal will cause one to do things that are Certain to be right and Central to ones Mission. When there is not an exact match, one will experience set-backs or even failures--both indicating the need for reassessing what one thinks, feels, expresses, or does. Set-backs and failures never carry the message to "give up" if one is on the right path. The amazing thing is that each of those things done for pleasure or to satisfy curiosity will in some way benefit the ultimate goal—even if one is not clear about that goal at that time. The Law of Attraction kicks in to make "Helping Hands" available. In addition, though the first steps on the path are slow and difficult, ones speed along the path quickens the closer one draws to the destination.


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