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Summary of Religious Terms

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Just as a skyscraper building stands on its Base and the Underground Foundation situated on that Base, so does Knowledge. Knowledge is constructed out of the Spiritual Elements: it Base is Unconditional Love; its Underground Foundation is Truth; its above ground "structural frame" is Reality; and functions are performed throughout its entire structure by what is Natural. Ancient African Sages deemed such uniformity, consistency, balance, and harmony in each of God's manifestations to be Absolute Certainty--and that is Knowing! People can Know this by having direct encounters with Reality, as "Felt" by Intuition derived from ones own Soul (Divine Consciousness). Here, with ones Mind's Eye one "Sees" things as they really are--and without any thoughts, emotions, opinions, or judgments made about what is being experienced. In African Tradition, anything not meeting these criteria is Information, meaning it deals with awareness of the Material. Since the Material is always relative (has degrees) and is changeable, its "Certainty" is characterized by ones subawareness of Doubt. Failure to recognize and correct this causes falsities in definitions, thoughts, decisions, and solutions. These lead to flaws in ones Beliefs, Faith, and Opinions. Once one is on a Material path of "Certainty," one evolves further and further away from the Spiritual Elements. For example, in Biblical times, Europeans blended the Spiritual (Knowledge) and Material (Information) by confusingly saying Abstract "Certainty" is Believing in the firm foundation of God’s knowledge and truth--a Belief said to be the beginning of ones confidence. Because Europeans' 13th century meaning for Concrete Certainty was 'sure or fixed,' they falsely said the demonstration of objects is Proof's highest form. Thus, they wrongly give objects absolute certainty.

Spiritual Knowing (Africans' Absolute Certainty) is infinitely more sound and enduring than Informations' best Beliefs (Doubt). It is within this Certainty that Spiritual Faith and Spiritual Trust reside; manifest like two sides of the same coin; and are in the "Kangaroo Pouch" category of words. To elaborate on this analogy, after the kangaroo parents (Cause) give rise to the birth of their baby (an Event or Effect)-- and before reaching full development inside the mother's womb--that baby travels outside the womb to reside inside the mother's pouch on the front of her body (a natural Consequence). While the Cause gives rise to an Effect, that Effect is pregnant with the contents of the Cause. Thus Effects deliver Consequences. Here, the Cause is the Spiritual Certainty; the natural human Effect of the Cause is Spiritual Faith in it; the Consequence delivered by Spiritual Faith is Spiritual Trust (naturally accepting all its Spiritual Faith and its Spiritual Certainty Cause happenings). In short, Spiritual Faith and Spiritual Trust are inside Spiritual Certainty and both are therefore Knowledge.

Any Faith or Trust outside Absolute Certainty in God's uniformity and consistent manifestations is Secular and lacks Cause Certainty. The Secular operates out of Emotional, not Spiritual, Energy--getting its driving power from assessments made by ones Sensory consciousness. Thus, it must "Believe" (and not "Know," as with Spiritual Faith) in the Cause. Any "Belief" possesses a Mild degree (1 to 24%) of Doubt (i.e. Uncertainty) and thus one clings to the Belief and its Cause. Hence, Secular Trust, the offspring of Secular Faith, is a credibility match with Secular Faith's Belief. In turn, that acquired state of Trust can be projected onto others, similar to the way this is done in degrees with Sympathy and Secular Faith. "Spiritual Hope" is the expectation of receiving what is Spiritual Certainty. Secular Hope is Emotional Energy powered mental sentiment about a specific potential possibility present in a non-viable or viable state that one is desiring will evolve into its actualization. Belief in God as the core of Selfhood confidence is Secular; Spiritual Confidence only occurs from Absolute Certainty about God and in God's manifestations.


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