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Secular Hope

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For ancient people, failing to find ones “Lucky Star” was a "Disaster" (ill-starred), causing the provision of channels for evil-acting stars to exert 'malevolent astral influences'--e.g. “bad luck” and/or creating terrible events for the individual. In order to avoid such "Disasters," people "longed for" their Lucky Star but without high expectations (or Hope) of finding it. Perhaps this was because their Hope was not situated inside Spiritual Faith--and that is my definition of Secular Hope. In other words, if ones Faith: (1) is not instinctually based upon Knowing and working out of the Spiritual Elements (a Knowing present at ones birth); (2) if ones Faith has not been critically thought out to Know God exists and Know God through God's manifestations; (3) if ones Faith is based upon anything coming in from the outside world (e.g. what is seen, heard, or read); and/or (4) if ones Faith about anything is formed out of non-critically determined thoughts, then that Faith is Secular (Earth World based). As opposed to Spiritual Hope (which concerns enhancing a piece of the Cosmos), Secular Hope is about greed; a self-centered yearning to acquire something lacking; to shed something unwanted; to regain something lost; to get around obstacles; or to do harm. Such Hope usually fails when the desires are for something outside of reality. To wallow in this mere Wishing is a waste of time and energy. By ancient people realizing their secular expectations lacked a sound "provable" underlying Base/Foundation, being so desperate meant by-passing Critical Thinking (CT) in favor of gambling to improve their chances of success. To this end they either grabbed at any faith and trust to which they could attach Hope or sought the advice of oracles, astrologers, and soothsayers--most being "Con-artists.

Subsequently, "yearning" desperation powered the fashioning of varied and conflicting definitions of Hope. For example, the Ancient Greeks translated "Hope" as "Trust," Expectations," or "Faith." Hope's etymology in ancient Germanic is 'the expected good'; in Indo-European 'hop,' a leaping up in expectation; and in the Middle English verb, 'to hopen'--"to expect something" or "to look forward to." Often a language (e.g. Greek) formed more than one meaning for each of these words, each going off in different denotative and connotative directions. One European definition of Hope today is "the desire that all one believes in is possible." A purpose of all this variation and haziness is to generate CONFUSION so Believers can be led astray.

Commitment, basic to all major religions, always concerns having Faith and Hope. But the key to Hope and religious success is doing CT to know everything about Faith. Thus, it is essential to self-assess ones Faith and pertinent Questions include: What do I have faith in--the Spiritual, the Secular?; is my Faith justified?; is it a crutch or an independent companion with common sense, reason, and work? Where did I get it from? Does it need updating? Is it helping or hampering my Mission in life? Am I confusing having Faith in something with Knowing that thing--or vice versa? What are my assumptions that cause me to continue staying with it? Am I, out of loyalty to it, overlooking where it does not help? Do I have doubts about it to even the tiniest degree? Have I studied what I have Faith in and know it to be sound? Or, could that thing be flawed and, if so, where did I get the information? Is my Faith based upon what I want to happen or wish would not happen rather than what is realistic? Do I have Faith in something simply "to go along to get along" because my in-group does? Ones self-improvement sincerity is determined by ones honesty in answering these questions, even if the answers hurt. The point is to be Committed to something desired and hoped for that has Certainty. Ancient Africans said the best chance of success is to possess Spiritual Faith in the Substance of God and thus the resultant Spiritual Trust opens Hope's expectations to be eventually realized.


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