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Spiritual Hope

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Ancient Africans who discovered their "Lucky Star" possessed Spiritual Faith (SF) in the Substance (God) appearing through that Lucky Star. SF automatically led to Spiritual Trust (ST)--a state of openness manifesting as the giving of oneself over to the Lucky Star's effects and their consequences. Yet, still another component was "yearning for" (i.e. longing with restless eagerness) their Ancestors' messages--a yearning possessing Desire (concentrated emotional cravings with anticipation) as its driving emotive force--a yearning based upon SF and having nothing to do with Trust within this confine. Desire is “coiled-up energy” and, like a coiled-up spring, is always in a state of “tension”--making it the true emotive power (what arouses stirred Emotions or Feelings into activity) of Hope. For Ancient Africans the word "Emotive" referred to movement of God's spirit, as inside Spiritual Hope (SH). But "yearning" (an element of Hope) was always associated with uncertainty, anxiousness, and frustration because the Ancestors' messages were not immediately within the family's Hopeful grasp. From this story please note how the family of the deceased intensely Desired to find a specific likely reality (their personal Lucky Star) containing the unrealized reality of their deceased Ancestors' messages. To make this happen they searched the stars (a reality) with expectations of receiving them (Hope). Possessing a loving Desire for a specific thing having the potential possibility for evolving into Being out of its unrealized reality is the main feature of Spiritual Hope.

So, how could this work? The Ancient African Bible says the Cosmos' Subjective Realm is without objects but teems with potential possibilities for objects to evolve into the Material Realm. First, suppose its complementary companion is a "Future" Subjective Realm possessing the same features but in reverse--i.e. being an unrealized reality containing potential possibilities capable of involuting (return to the center) into actualization when the future becomes the present in the Material Realm. Second, suppose SH is a vehicle on a bridge between the Subjective and Future realms and that this vehicle's trek proceeds from a present Earth World Spiritual Elements station to the specific spiritually hoped for unrealized reality--i.e. ones Ma'at purpose in the "Future" Subjective Realm. Third, suppose the requirements for getting on this bridge are for people to operate out their Spiritual Elements and that the stimulus to activate the Future's pertinent potential possibilities requires the Spiritually "Hopeful" to pour Desire Energy into: (a) yearning for an unrealized potential that evolves into a specific loving happening; (b) aborting the unrealized potential for a specific evil or the evolving evil capable of interfering with SH; and (c) employing and working within Spiritual Faith. Fourth, suppose ones Selfhood requirements are to realize one is part of the Cosmic Organism and that for all God's creatures one must "lift others while climbing". But how does ones SH state of mind trigger activation of the realization of a specific unrealized Reality? What I can attest to is the following:

(1) SH works within the Certainty of Spiritual Faith and Spiritual Trust. (2) My Selfless Service work for God's Grand Design is filled with SH. If SH is situated in my Astral Body--the home of my "Mind's Eye" ("Third Eye")--it communicates with Cosmic Powers for "win-win" purposes. Perhaps instead of using my bodily eyes to see what is before me, my Mind’s eye sees the essence of the problem and conveys my SH request to the "Future" Subjective Realm. Once there, it triggers the appropriate potential possibility to start evolving into what will make my SH a success. (3) Upon becoming bogged down on the path, invariably "Helping Hands" appear out of "nowhere"--and without my asking, or even knowing I need help. They supply me with just what is needed at the right time, and even if it initially seems bad. (4) Having SF and ST means that regardless of the outcome: "everything happens for the best."


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+1 # Douglas 2013-08-07 09:43
Who is Dr. Bailey writing to? This is way over most folks head. God is not difficult, never has been never will be. Simple steps to evolving spiritually works.

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