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Spiritual Faith

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That Faith has many concepts contained in it is indicated by all of the differences I hear from people and see written. Faith is something people can have, do with, react to, cling to, associate other things with (e.g. trust), be empowered by, use as a standard and/or guide, judge others by, live by, and gain a sense of security. To untangle this confusion let us go back to the beginning.

After Very Ancient Africans established the existence of God, they inferred the Absolute created the Universe out of Its own “Substance” (meaning the Spiritual Elements). In other words, they said (among others) the Cosmic Base/Foundation, the Cosmic Background, and the Spirit comprising each of God’s creatures and creations are the Substance of God's Infinite Mind. This Substance throughout the Cosmos is basic to everything in it (Ramacharaka, Gnani Yoga p 136); is foundational to making other things possible; and is what causes Cosmic Entities to function to their complete capacity. For example, Space is what stands underneath the stars in the sky and is the background which allows them to be seen--and God is within that Space. This helped African Sages understand certain Cosmic Laws and make inferences. First, the Cosmic Law of Creativity--each Spiritual Element, by itself, is able to reproduce itself, and thereby become the thing it makes, regardless of its new form. Second, the Law of Sympathy--All God's Creatures and Creations are spiritually related no matter how remote in time or space. Third, the Law of Correspondence (so below, so above; so above so below)--"All is One and One is in All". Fourth, the Law of Spiritual Circularity or Reversibility: the offspring is proven by the parent and the parent is proven by the offspring.

Because those manifestations contain the Substance of God and because all Truths already exist in the Cosmos, African Sages confirmed their Spiritual Faith in whatever pertained to God's manifestations. Spiritual Faith (Nehtyu) in the one almighty Creator producing manifestations of uniformity of and consistency in Nature became the foundation of African Tradition's Laws of the Cosmos. One is the African Diunital (Union of Natural Opposites) which says Life literally occurs as a result of the union of spirit and matter—the Opposites of Heaven/Earth, of day/night, of male/female principles--in the manner of both sides of a wheel. All of these, including God's creatures (e.g. human beings) contain the Spiritual Elements. What each was when it first came into Being is its Essence but that Essence may take on different forms in the process of exposure to other things as well as with maturity. Whereas the internal structure of any Cosmic entity is made of Substance (whose composition is the same throughout the Cosmos), the Matter of an entity is "Uniquely" fashioned Substance. The "Uniqueness" of each entity's external appearance is what allows observers to recognize it. One of those entities is oneself. Ones Soul is a spark of God. Thus, at birth a human naturally possesses Divine-(Self) Faith in the existence of the divinity within ones own Selfhood. Ones Divine Consciousness is the source and background for knowing the Spiritual Elements exist and knowing Right actions for effective work products. However, one can choose to cultivate it or ignore it.

Divine Self-Faith in the Substance of God and in all Truths already existing within ones Selfhood opens ones mind to all Truth and Reality; opens ones senses to Unconditional Love, Self-Love, and the Natural; and naturally opens Self-Trust in being able to understand and do what it takes to achieve the necessities for returning to ones Ultimate Creator. Divine Self-Faith and Divine Self-Trust, as distinct from ones desires and wants, pertain to ones own ability to supplement in the Earth World the Spiritual provisions of the "5Ss" necessities of life--done by whatever is in keeping with the Spiritual Elements. In other words, Self-Faith and Self-Trust enable one to take over control and be in charge of ones life as well as ones own destiny.


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