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Clarifying Religious Terms

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Just like essential tools must be present and in good working condition in order for carpenters to do masterpiece work, so must Words and Concepts be clear, concise, and in their proper place for Critical Thinking (CT) to be skillfully efficient and effective. Such includes distinguishing between Spiritual and Secular forms of Faith, Trust, and Hope + between what constitutes Knowing God as opposed to having doubts (Beliefs) or even substituting idols. A starting point concerns my impression that "authorities" who set up the modern world's patterns of Thoughts, Emotions, Expressions, and Activities did so to ensure all peoples were driven into and held in a permanent corral for control purposes. They keep fashioning trivia information and trinkets for entertainment to serve as webs which entangle people's lives. Shrewd tactics for getting people to believe "day is night and night is day" continue in all life-shaping and life-changing aspects of living. As a means of "Escape" from "being about nothing" inside "dead-ends," most people can only see creating a fantasy world inside a Delusional World. Measures for keeping peoples in profound ignorance include erasing, hiding, altering, diluting, and polluting Truth while loudly advertizing anti-Spiritual Elements as "Right." Hence, over 95% of all information profoundly affecting peoples' lives throughout the world is wrong! Confusion about what is Right, particularly over meanings of Religious and Spiritual Terms, blinds people to "Truth-Tracks" and to Happiness paths fashioned by self-improvement, Missions in life, and Heaven Afterlife preparations. The means for turning all of these things around is using skilled CT to see through Brute bureaucrats' layers of attractive smoke screens.

CT goes back to the super-brilliant thoughts and practices of our Ancient African Ancestors to extract pertinent Principles (unchanging realities) for designing order in the present and for paving a way into a thriving future--the Sankofa Concept. Yet, because of African American slavery devastation + subsequent reinforcement by ongoing racism + most Black People having been socialized into the bad Western ways for living means people have no direct awareness of Spiritual Elements or have destructive delusions (believing what is not real and not believing what is real) about them. CT studies our Ancient Ancestors' unfamiliar words of Truth and notes vastly superior meanings when compared with those in European dictionaries. All basic concepts of Ancient Africans start with a Spiritual foundation while European language disregards the Spiritual and poorly squeezes everything significant into Material concepts. Today's Black People have a sense of "I know that's right" when hearing African Sages' concepts, even if nothing further is done. CT revives long since discarded foundational essentials. For example, though people ridicule or ignore Very Ancient Africans' concepts of Lucky Stars, this is where Religious terms originated.

CT knows the Ancient African Bible--the world's original Bible--has multiple ways of explaining a given point. For example, learning about Lucky Stars serves three purposes: (1) they are Spiritual/Material sources for inferring Cosmic laws; (2) they are practical means for staying in contact with ones deceased Ancestors; and (3) since Metaphors expand understanding beyond the ability of words to do or to describe, they are always used to explain the spiritual significance of "Ultimate Reality and Wisdom" complexities derived from Circumstantial Truths. To illustrate, when an African metaphor speaks of gods, instead of referring to some invisible Being, its symbolic "atmosphere" concerns entities actually within the person touched by them. However, much of today's world wide religious destructive brainwashing came (and still comes) from Brutes switching Metaphors they took out the Ancient African Bible into non-truthful facts--called "Delusional Facts"--for their Bibles. Understanding this defect is the single most fundamental fact for untangling religious confusion.


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