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Superficial Thinkers

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Whereas all snowflakes have the general shape of a six-pointed star, the individual shapes of each are extremely varied. However, Superficial Thinkers (ST) overlook the uniqueness because of their habit of taking only a cursory or hasty look at what is really important (e.g. a book) so as to simply get a summary or the gist, partial, or a faint idea of it. This means their information about the most important things in their lives, if they have any at all, is incomplete, flawed, flimsy, minimal, and apparent but not real or true. The ST world has been fashioned by authorities long ago into those forms of delusions which mold the masses into wanting their world to be the way the authorities have made it. As a result, the masses are satisfied having their thoughts controlled in ways that prevent them from seeing Reality and from reaching their potential. Such is done by keeping the masses ignorant of how to use their Critically Thinking Left Brain. Its lack of cultivation maintains an undisciplined Right Brain. Thus, trinket commercial products are extremely appealing to these hyperemotional people (EP). EP's scattered and "automatic pilot" thinking converts Reality into "Escape" type dreams. A common way the creativity of impulsive EP is expressed is by creating a fantasy world inside the delusional world in which they live daily. Engaging in fantasy is being the "star" in a setting the way they desire. This puts their minds in a box inside a box. By choosing to be ST they choose Emotional Energy and its consequences. By-passing Spiritual Energy shuts down their thriving "Aliveness".

To habitually engage in ST means one is not in control and in charge of ones life. As a result, one works hard at trying to design excitement as a cover up for boredom-- pseudo-excitement like the adoption of a "flashing light" mentality which requires having the biggest, the best, the fastest, the latest. Yet, it is never enough. Since "belonging" is "everything," one engages in Superficial Curiosity (e.g. nosiness about other people's business); Superfical Creativity (e.g. stylish dress to look "cool"); and easily get off track by fad attractive distractions, usually trivialities. Such Sentiments (thoughts wrapped in emotions), used as substitutes for mental discipline, work only 65% of the time. Even worse is not learning lessons from the 35% of the time they are wrong. Mistakes from lack of focus ensure a failure to seek Truth, explore what is Truth, or establish Truth. ST simply do not know how. Their resultant sense of powerlessness in the face of tough problems attracts more problems, external threats from intimidators, and dangers in daily living. Each of these force them to act against their own self-interest and will. Rather than figuring out how to handle this, they get advice from incompetent people, often at a high price.

Whereas Critical Thinking (CT) solves problems outside the box, ST remain inside the box, afraid to leave the familiar and unwilling to go against the crowd. To be self-absorbed is to refuse to do what is "right" for self-cultivation; be unable to thrive; to envy deep thinkers; and to be dissatisfied with oneself for being so superficial. The features of ST include: down-grading the practice of exploring ideas; ridiculing or isolating CT or those who are successful because both spotlight what ST are not; remaining so shallow as to be unable to feel deeply about beautiful things or have compassion for non-friends or understand more than the simplest of the common daily things one faces in life; lack of assessment of what makes things good and bad in their lives or what needs to be added, substracted, multiplied, or modified in ones life; and the avoidance of striving for goals leading to a thriving life. Instead, doing these things are constantly talked about as if they are being done. From failing to be concerned with these issues, ST do not devise Creative possibilities to connect Cause and Effect; or to generate Options for "What if" situations related to their self-interest; or to have a Dream toward which they are striving.


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