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Superficial to Critical Thinking Switch

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It is amazing how principles for living can be drawn directly out of principles of Nature. An example is the caterpillar who weaves a cocoon around itself and later emerges transformed into a beautiful butterfly. The story begins with a tiny egg which the mother butterfly deposits upon a branch, each seeming to prefer its own special kind of plant or tree. Following hatching and for defense the caterpillar depends upon a protective resemblance to its surroundings. When the great hour comes for a transformation, the grub weaves a wisp of silk around its golden self, and sleeps like a hibernating animal while everything about it changes. When the hour arrives for the insect to wake and emerge, the case of its cocoon is slowly forced apart from within. Out of the husk comes a trembling, feeble creature. The ugly grub has vanished and in its place is a lovely winged butterfly as colorful as a flower. Could it be that this is where Very Ancient Africans got their ideas for spiritual self-transformation? In switching to wise CT, the only way to convert from chaotic, superficial, patterned, "hit or miss," sparse, and/or good or bad Critical Thinking (CT) is by means of the following Trinity which converts one from ones Lower to ones Highest Self.

First is a Mystical Death of ones "False" (Ego) self and its fetters--similar to the vanishing of the caterpillar. Second is a Philosophical Regeneration consisting of Redemption Resurrection involving a change in ones ultimate standard for living, like the transformation of a butterfly inside the cocoon. Out of this comes ones Cherished Values which guide ones life and Nonaggression for the Power approach directed to thriving. The foundation being laid out enables one to deal with situations that are life-shaping, life-changing, or life-maintaining. For example, the message from ones newly freed Divine Consciousness conveys that the best answer will not come until one has removed barriers around ones Selfhood "Heart-Quarters" and then reconnects with ones Divine Spirit. This can be done by means of internalizing the Spiritual Elements + blending into Nature's rhythms + engaging in CT decision making and problem solving that promotes thriving for all and harm to none (including oneself). The Spiritual Element's natural course wipes out a need to struggle with decisions or advice because what to do will become obvious. It also makes one more aware of what is happening to ones inner and outer self. However, one will find the change-over to be slow and uncomfortable, often to the point of wanting to "give up" and return to old ways. Third, Spiritual Rebirth is present when Righteous Behavior and “Right” ways of living become hallmarks for purposes of fashioning ones own Salvation--hallmarks stressing Selfless Service to God and to the community--hallmarks restoring God’s Spirit sparks into a flame. Only by being powered by Spiritual Energy will one have the consistent strength and dedication to persist to the end.

Following Spiritual Rebirth, wise CT slowly takes over as a result of being in direct contact with ones Selfhood "Heart-Quarters." This is speeded up by following a Patterned Tool process when one encounters situations calling for a decision and a plan. Step I: Write out what the problems are as, for example, self-limitations, doing the wrong things or doing right things prematurely or too late or doing the right thing in the wrong place. Step II: Make a list of what needs to be done; what details need to be learned before and while handling a task; and then how to go about learning to carry them out with the greatest efficiency and effectiveness. Otherwise one will not know what to accomplish and will get discouraged by any attempts to do something worthwhile. If ones Spiritual Element Sensors diagnose disharmony of even the smallest nature, leave that solution alone. But if there is an enhancement of harmony, go "straight ahead" with its flow. Step III: Write out what one has learned so as to replace the bad; shed the neutral; improve on the good; and make excellence routine.

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