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Superficial People

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Whereas esoteric thinking (unveiling hidden inner truths) and common sense have dominated African Tradition's emphasis on the metaphysical (away from the physical), what has floodlighted European tradition is superficiality, delusions, and brutishness. Let us pick up the story during the 15th and 16th century when “The Game” of European “gentlemen” took center stage and starred superficial people (SP). Driven by an obsession for Materialism springing from arrogant Individualism led them to honor the "Seven Deadly Sins." The absence of rules was the Brute “Game's” rules. Hence, Kill/Take/Destroy and any dishonorable acts were respected as a show of power. It had to be played with a “Swagger,” as in being judgmental about everybody else plus the attitude of “the world belongs to me and I can push people around because the rules do not apply to me.” Style included ostentatious appearances of being rich; being excessively wasteful; intimidating victims; and instead of working for "adult toys," the one upsmanship practice intended to outsmart competitors. Brute Europeans' trademark was (and is) aiming to live "the Good Life" of hedonism (i.e. pleasing the senses is the only "Good"). But to give the appearance of being "intelligent and deep thinkers" their pseudo-metaphysical topics were (and are) merely facades disguised in undefined big words. Behind these presentations is the lack of a realistic beginning; opinions lacking constructive meaning; and a course "going nowhere." The free use of every dishonorable, amoral, and immoral measure imaginable to mankind was so admired by Europeans that these aspects of “The Game” trickled down to the masses of people who imitated the superficiality with the accourtrements of dress, possessions, and partying so as to appear rich--a pattern persisting to this day. Examples are being concerned with how they and others look (e.g. cars, homes, plastic surgery, hairstyles); gossiping about those who look "different"; and name-dropping.

This superficial and evil lifestyle--brought to the Americas by an assortment of Europeans (e.g. enslavers, countless convicts, prostitutes, religious dissidents, and the wayward)--was all to which Enslaved Africans were exposed. Resultant horrific cruelties led most Enslaved to the coping mechanism of voluntarily or involuntarily doing something to remove meaning from their painful emotions/misery. Besides also dampening their pleasures, these removals and superficiality imitations originated much historical Selfhood Splintering in Black Americans. Many Enslaved "lived down" to their captor given demeaning names, thereby lowering their own self-respect. That + lack of education + having to depend on evil captors for their very survival + having nothing significant to think about beyond their pains and sufferings all generated a superficial approach to life during slavery and continuing on up to the present.

Besides avoiding discussions on ideas or on tough problems, many SP are afflicted with the false belief of being incapable of meeting the demands of what needs to be done to be self-reliant. Despite being unprepared now, hard work will make them ready. To be at other people's mercy keeps them in an Omnibus Brain type "Fight, Flight, or Fright" alarm with its associated obsessions and compulsions. Thus, one refuses to try to benefit oneself; then makes peace with doom; then accepts needless hardships or fails to prevent them; and meanwhile nurse chronic anger. There is fear of looking bad in trying to improve and/or fear of what might be discovered. Common to many struggling Blacks is imitating Brute Europeans by being "cool" in "sliding by" without thinking deeply about anything. And they tend to resent any one who trys to make them think critically about success. By being part of the crowd's code, ST falsely think the "Real" is fantasy and thereby cling to familiar ways of doing things--both for the "Here and Now" and for whatever might come up in the future. Still, ST know deep down that they possess great potential and that awareness is chronically frustrating.

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