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A metaphor for understanding the difference between Superficial Thinking (ST) and what is deeper is the Lake Concept. Although its superficial upper half is easily disturbed by swimmers, wind, boats, or tornadoes, its deep part remains still and calm. Human superficiality refers to narrow and limited awareness, as present with a superficial understanding of the Electromagnetic Spectrum Concept. If the tiny part of it is visible to the human eye is represented by Arkansas, the "Unseeable" but known infrared waves, microwaves, and radio waves spread to the west coast while the "Unseeable" ultraviolet rays, x-rays, gamma rays, and cosmic rays spread to the east coast. Still, chances are good that unknown waves may extend around the world. The point: just because one cannot see something does not mean it does not exist. It is known that waves of light and sound we cannot detect are constantly bombarding us. Similarly, just because people cannot hear (or know) something does not mean it does not exist. For instance, dogs hear far more than humans because their sensitivity is 20 to 200 times greater. Similarly, I believe there are forms of "deep lake" and world-wide scope communications coming into our minds from sources of which we are not aware. Critical Thinkers (CT) give consideration to sources of information beyond the realms of their five senses as, for example, man-created subliminal messages; metaphysical "atmospheres"; and ESP--knowing of course that most are illusions.

African Sages dismiss Western type Individualism whereby one believes oneself to be related to ones mental ideas about ones body, relatives, society, country, etc. which all reference one to a specific time and place. These superficial garments of ones Selfhood clinged to out of ignorance indicate one remains very superficial by "being about nothing" intended to lead to the Heaven Afterlife and by cultivating ones Sensory Consciousness skills and shunning ones Divine Consciousness (the image of God). When the superficial is given up, one rises above and beyond them, eventually leading one to discover the Void—the Zero—the Emptiness--the Hetep (realm of divine peace called Nirvana). Ancient African people thought ST were “Suspicious” (perhaps possessed by evil spirits and an “Evil Eye”) because of emitting disharmonious rhythms and not being one of the people. Suspects were kept isolated and at a distance from the group. In African Tradition, allegories are fashioned to keep ST from going no further than understanding its superficial story, for only CT "insiders" are able to extract the deeper meanings from the symbols.

An insightful comparison of Africans' profound spiritual "depth" with those of Europeans is illustrated by the 14th century English word "Superficial" (super, above + facies, surface, face). This originally meant "Face" in the sense of a person's face being their front appearance--i.e. what they look like to the rest of the world. Its 16th century evolution was a focus on outward appearances from only dealing with what is "on the surface" of something (e.g. the body). Lack of thoroughness meant merely treating or dealing with the obvious or apparent aspects of a problem--i.e. failing to examine the underlying factors and fundamental principles involved. Then it was extended to indicate shoal water, which is so shallow that a multitude of fish may be seen in it. In the beginning of the Americas' mass-production, the prefix "super-" took on the connotation of being above the surface, above the ordinary, or about what is excessive and thus admirable (e.g. supermarket). Then doing ST became symbolic of people enjoying the "Good Life"--as indicated by being nonchalant, not deep, above needing to be thorough, or exhibiting a "superior indifference." To feign being "rich" or "in the know" many poor people regarded as smart the appearance of frivolousness and never taking anything too seriously--deeming this as being "cool" and "hip" and imitating it. This feigned "cool" and "hip" atmosphere characterizes today's ST mindset.

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