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Traumatized To Critical Thinking Switch

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The switch from Traumatized Thinking to Critical Thinking is a shift of focus from being self-absorbed to seeing oneself as a vital part of the Cosmos and related to all aspects of it as well as doing what is "Important" concerning things of "Worth" (i.e. things related to the heavens and the Sublime) and “Value” (things of the Material World) to enhance all concerned. Rather than say: "Its impossible to be specific about what is important in general," let us consider six categories of importance: (1) to the individual (e.g. to get what one really, really wants--like surviving, thriving, and love--and not get what one really, really does not want); (2) to others; (3) to everybody (e.g. the "5Ss"--safety, security, sureness, strength, and stability); (4) to the situation at hand (e.g. the best solution); (5) to Nature (e.g. respected); and (6) in metaphysical realms (which in African Tradition is the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural). An approach to connecting "Cause and Effect" is to decide what is essential to the problem; has the biggest payload in being a problem; in what is desired; and a solution which causes the most good and the least chance of harm. Four tools applicable here are: the Keystone; Order; Foresight; and Forethought. Ancient Africans said whenever one encounters a complex problem(s) that generates a "Limbo" situation and/or that one really desires, the first thing to do is to put it in order. To begin the process of Order is to gather all pertinent information, assess it, analyze it, classify all the problems, and then prioritize them. At the top of the priority list is the Keystone problem (a counterpart to the MVP or most valuable player in an all-star professional game). Keystone means the problem's orchestrating and controlling force or power or influence or obstacle.

Very Ancient Africans and Ancient Africans perfected building techniques for various purposes as, for example, arches for buildings. Keystone is the term given to the central wedge-shaped stone of an arch serving as the central supporting element and guide of a larger structure. It has a disproportionate effect of importance because it locks the parts of the arch together to act as a control upon which the neighboring parts depend. Since the keystone is necessary to connect or support a number of other related things, without it the whole structure would collapse. When there is a problem with the thing out of place, or headed in the wrong direction, or is not on the proper plane, or is decayed, weak, or incomplete, one of these is likely to be the cause of the chaos disturbing unity's harmony, balance, and connectedness. The point: by handling the "Keystone" problem first means the Satellite problems are likely to resolve by themselves. Satellite problems are like the "pack" members who follow the "alpha male." But, you ask: "How do I determine the Keystone within my problems?" Every problematic situation has three main categories. First is the Trigger Category (the "ballpark" where the primary self-defeating problem lies). Second, the Trigger Problem is where one looks to locate the Keystone Problem. Third, the Trigger Obstacle is the single most important disruptive factor in that Trigger Problem's Keystone.

“Cause” is the “why it happened” portion of understanding a problem and it starts the direction of a proposed solution. The “Effect” is “What happened” or “What is going to happen” (an aspect of foresight and forethought so essential for effective and efficient planning). Fire is a Cause while smoke is an Effect. The ability to prepare for what is going to happen in caring for the needs of humans is called Foresight (“seeing” ahead and around corners) so as to engage in Forethought" (doing before or during the performance of action all the “figuring out” and planning ahead before taking calculated risks). Both aid preparing for eventualities; taking precautions against any undesirable possibilities; and cultivation of any high level solutions related to Societal, Technological, Intellectual, Feeling, and Spiritual development.

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