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"What's Behind That?" Query Process

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Observing animals (e.g. rabbits, snakes, cattle) remain motionless for prolonged periods and then asking: What's behind that sameness feature"? is a type of thinking needed for self-improvement. "Why" leads to discovering the "Seed" giving rise to the bad "Fruit" within ones life experiences. If a "Leaf" problem is from not having enough money and another "Leaf" problem is seeming to be showered with bad luck, then by realizing those "Leaves" come off branches attached to a "Vine or Trunk" which in turn arose from "Roots" is to understand the "What's Behind That? Query Process. After tracing "Leaf" problems back to their "Roots," one finally looks for the "Seed" underlying all of ones bad "Fruit." In spite of how bad ones poverty is or how bad are ones problems or the number of people "who have done me wrong" or the bad environment in which one lives, what is the most important is how one thinks. Thinking is the "Seed" underlying ones Earth World Fate. To detect how one thinks and relate that to how ones life is going can be explored by the following.

Step I is to every day (for weeks and months) conscientiously write out everything on ones mind about all of ones problems. This requires asking the right questions and with honesty. Do not blame oneself or others. Do not be concerned about spelling or grammar. Write in some code so others, if they discover it, cannot make sense of it. Hide the journal in between writings. It may take 10 pages to come up with one meaningful thought. But the key question at that point is to ask oneself: "What is Behind That?" When that question is answered keep writing to answer what caused the answer given for the previous "What is Behind That?" Step II is to write out everything about how one acted and reacted. One of those set up certain patterns of self-defeating problems around which one has built a lifestyle--a lifestyle now serving as a barrier to ones Real Self. Keep doing this same process and eventually one will get to a place where there is nothing "Behind That?" One knows that point is reached because one is brought to tears or has the urge to immediately do something else. If one pushes past either reaction one feels a sense of accomplishment and relief--like scratching the bump that itches. My reaction is: "That's it!" What is discovered is something that may have been pushed into ones subconscious or something considered insignificant at the time. The more you think about it the more memories unfold. It may take days to exhaust all the questions and answers. Step III is to clear your system completely and permanently by writing out all of those aspects involved and what you think and feel about each. Get out all the nastiness, including those about oneself. Avoid taking personally what does not make one look good by feeling bad about not being perfect. Self-blame has absolutely no place because the bigger issue is to lead to a life of thriving. Self-blame removes ones personal power and makes one vulnerable to outsiders known to be controlling. The associated self-judgments simply generate more tension and push one closer to giving up. Acknowledge and embrace any self-traits that have been denied.

Step IV, look through the list of self-defeating traits and determine if they came out of a common small trauma early in life. Step V, determine which is the most important problem, the keystone one, and spend much time writing about how it came about and where it applies in every aspect of ones life. This will take many weeks and will pop up unexpectedly--often causing disappointment in oneself. Step VI is to determine what is the flaw inside the "Seed." CT will show if it is something absent, weak, incomplete, of a "wrong" standard, or bad cherished values. Step VII: correct the flaw going in the wrong direction; doing relatively unimportant things; or being on the wrong plane of existence. Replace these with the Philosophy of life of African Tradition (Unconditional Love as the Standard and Ma'at (Love in action) as the guide.

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