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Treatment/Management for Traumatized Thinking (Part 1 of 4)

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Ancient Africans, I believe, were the most advanced in all mankind in understanding how one thinks and what one knows. Today, people are not only unaware of that knowledge but themselves have lost the ability to be the master of their thinking. Nevertheless, the best way to release traumatized thinking is to know how one thinks and what one thinks about. Ancient Africans' standard for measuring non-spiritual Thinking of any type is against the Spiritual Elements (Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural). These Elements can be likened to a spiderweb. Imagine all the threads in a spiderweb arrangement are in such harmony, balance, and connectedness that to damage even a tiny part of one thread would flaw the entire web. Similarly, when there is anything out of place anywhere within ones Selfhood, disharmony throughout ones Selfhood occurs. This implies a flaw in ones Spiritual Elements and that naturally causes Spiritual Pain. The flaw may be a disconnect of ones Divine Consciousness and Divine Spirit or a "stretched" distance between the two or any shutting off of this spiritual process for a moment or longer. Since Spiritual Elements combine/recombine and arrange/rearrange into various forms that display correspondingly in all aspects of ones life, a flaw in any one part has wide-spread effects. One way this shows is by one accepting and believing in Illusions and Delusions. Both take one on a path leading away from the Spiritual Elements and worsen Spiritual Pain. Another display is by one becoming self-absorbed with a Splintered Selfhood.

Under these circumstances one can choose Treatment (to restore health--i.e. “to cure”) or Management (keeping all of ones disharmonious problems under control). Treatment reconnects ones Divine Self with ones Divine Spirit and thereby switches from Emotional Energy over to Spiritual Energy. This will make moot the statement: "I don't know how to step out of the barrier" and there will be no fear in considering how to do so or "how will I be different?" or "what if I fail from making the effort?" The reason is one will have the courage, curiosity, and motivation to re-group and come up with a workable plan. The result of diligent hard work is a fulfilling life which benefits oneself and others. Management is the acceptance of oneself as one is and simply makes improvements not to do harm to oneself and to have a "satisfactory" life (i.e. "do enough to be enough and have enough for oneself). Whether one pursues Treatment or Management, the way to go about it is the same--and without blame or judgment.

Process I: write out all the pain associated with the Trigger Event and Trigger Person. Then determine their causes (e.g. European racists are in such Spiritual Pain as to enter a Delusional World and create as much pain for Black People as possible because "misery loves company"). Discover what is causing one to clutch on to ones pain and notice that it provides no benefits. Rather, it is self-destructive and self-love will not allow one to do harm to oneself. Some of this will be about unreasonable extensions of the Abuse aura, as when a female blames a male Trigger Person she might have bad feelings concerned with and directed toward all males. Elaborate on why it seems necessary to continue clutching onto the Spiritual Pain. Is it ones motivation to face and go through the day? Is that a way of showing ones face to the world and saying: "Hey, I have pain but I am not beaten down." The objective is to discover the keystone situation causing one to get off the Spiritual Element "Truth-Track." There may have been several "Trigger Events" and/or Trigger Persons which served as a defining moment but one of those was the keystone. It is with the keystone to which one pays most attention. But to discover it requires using the "What's Behind That?" Inquiry Process as a way to restore safety, security, self-confidence, strength, and stability. Make it safe for others to tell hurtful truths.

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