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Emotions Block Critical Thinking

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A two-sided coin is a useful analogy for discussing the essence of the a human's Right and Left Brain that work interdependently to fashion sound Critical Thinking (CT). The Left Brain side figures things out for goals in efficient (done quickly) and effective (done right) manners. The Right Brain has the capability to penetrate the metaphysical (away from the world of Matter) to see interconnections and it operates in the "Here and Now." What made Ancient Africans such super-brilliant CT was their perfecting to a humanly possible ultimate degree their Right and Left Brains but with the highly disciplined Right Brain (done by the Left Brain) orchestrating their entire brains. For example, they fashioned their Left Brains to prioritize the most important things -- like selecting the Right Brain's urge to interconnect with people in a manner -- designed to have the greatest benefits for the most people over the longest period of time. By their Selfhood's being in harmonious order I suspect the Spiritual Chain of Command" went like this: (1) from God's Mind messages are conveyed to ones "Self" (ones Divine Consciousness which contains the "drop of God"); (2) through ones "Self," God's messages are conveyed to ones Divine Spirit (containing Energy/ Matter); (3) through the Divine Spirit, God's messages are conveyed to ones Character; and (4) upon receiving these messages ones Character orchestrates ones Tangible thoughts, emotions, expressions, and deeds to conform to Ma'at Spiritual Element principles for daily living (i.e. Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural).

However, during African American slavery the Enslaved brought over as an emotional inheritance a deep-seated aesthetic endowment (Alain Locke). But the European captors were dedicated to "Killing the Spirit" of the Enslaved-- i.e. to disconnect the "Self" from ones Divine Spirit--in order to control the "What" and "Why" of everything involved in the lives of the Enslaved. Wherever this was successful meant the Enslaved "deprogrammed" their Left Brains so that an undisciplined Right Brain, with its Emotional dominance, would orchestrate. This was in keeping with the Maafa (immeasurable catastrophy) lives they were leading. Naturally, interpersonal interrelationships dominated as shared experiences needing "soothing" so as to endure. The hellishness of slavery, White terrorism, and racism and their devastating rippling effects emotionally welded Black Americans as others could never be, providing them with a Spiritual advantage. Since the "central control" of the Left Brain shifted from the the Rational to the Omnibus ("Fight, Flight, Fright") part of the afflicted's brains, no thought was directed to anything outside the "Here and Now"; ones Emotions took "center stage"; and there was no need for or cultivation of CT. My experiences, observations, and research strongly suggest this was a viable pattern among the Enslaved, as noted by this pattern being present today in many of the Enslaved's struggling descendants. In the process, of great importance has been for Black Americans to develop the power to convey emotions. Such is seen in the flavor of language; the flow of phrase; the accent of rhythm in prose, verse, and music; the color and tone of imagery, idioms, and Symbolism; in dance. "The Blues" is the expression of the emotional life of Black Americans.

The point is that Emotions are a vital part of contributing to a happy and fulfilling life as long as they are disciplined by Spiritual Elements--and that is absolutely essential for becoming a skilled CT. To these ends the "Big Picture" is to return to the ways of our Ancestors. Switch back to using ones Rational Brain (this tells what is more important for serious business than ones emotions). The Omnibus Brain is not designed to do CT. Besides, it has obsessivecompulsive features intended to prevent the switch and only converting to operating out of Spiritual Energy will give one the motivation and persistence to make the "Brain Switch" and convert to CT.

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