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"Automatic Pilot" Traumatized Thinking

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Out of the slavery derived "Maafa" the Omnibus, Patterned, Superficial, Impulsive, "Off & On," and "Automatic Pilot" forms of Thinking sprang from each other while maintaining their individual uniqueness. Yet, in any situation, they shift their priority arrangement positions in order for one to exert its power over ones Selfhood. But most of the TT afflicted resort to "Automatic Pilot" thinking in daily living. Its causes are countless. Each cause is capable of producing innumerable branches of behaviors and each behavior is generally self-defeating. Some are powered by a desire to have excitement because of an otherwise boring life or because of an addiction to fear (and doing fearful things brings excitement). Some are from feeling badly about themselves, as from guilt and doing things in hopes of getting hurt for the purpose of self-punishment. Some do it from a host of Slavery Survivals handed down because of socialization or because of honoring ones family characteristics. Some project their TT on to scapegoats. What happens is, I suspect, that the original Trigger Event(s) or Trigger Person(s) was so perforating, pervading, and permeating as to cause ones Divine Spirit to become separated from ones Divine Self (ones spark of God). Ones Divine Self then becomes isolated and unable to express itself through ones Divine Spirit in the physical world. Thus, one loses ones awareness of the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural and thus develops false beliefs. Meanwhile, ones Divine Spirit, separated from ones Divine Self, may take many paths, similar to going off on any spoke attached to the hub of a bicycle wheel. This is so complex that I will use generalizations similar to saying: "Eat vegetables with different colors" rather than trying to give the nutritional values of all the vegetables.

Hence, in Group I category of spokes some Enslaved African Americans dealt with only one side of the Divine Self/Divine Spirit Coin -- called Dissociation -- as a result of the most horrendous forms of abuses. These abuses created hypersensitive emotional Selfhoods in the majority of Black People afflicted. Euro-Americans have continued these abuses in various forms after slavery and they are going strong today. In Group II, the Divine Spirit develops a false sense of "Self"--an Ego Self--as a result of gravitating to things of a Lower (animalistic) Self nature. Here, ones Ego Self prevents one from discovering and developing ones talent and/or finding a niche where to best apply ones talents. In Group III, ones Ego Self may take the form of an Inferiority Complex or a Superiority Complex. In Group IV the Ego Self may attach itself to a charismatic leader--and if of the "wrong" crowd, the Ego Self is fed information leading them into a Delusional World--a World filled with bad thoughts, emotions, expressions, and bad behaviors. The afflicted remain inside a chaotic narrow channel and cope by doing "Automatic Pilot" thinking.

Within any of these four Ego Self categories one has so much Spiritual Pain from being disconnected from Unconditional Love that one might become passive (e.g. symbolically sitting in a corner and sucking ones thumb), passive-aggressive, aggressive, or engage in overcompensation forms of Nonaggression (e.g. by trying to be too perfect). These may display in an Overt, Tempered, Masked, or Concealed manner. Associated with hypersensitive emotional Selfhoods are real, distorted, and/or imaginary realities orchestrating ones Selfhood. Then around each concept of abuse are added apperceptions (like-kind memories) which themselves are often real, distorted, and/or imaginary--all keeping one "stuck" in negativity. Self-help is to let that go by writing about the benefits of the Trigger Events (e.g. "I remained healthy while enduring"). To stop keeping oneself inside negativity and dragging the bad along each day, write out all the bad up to the present; extract the lesson; and let all the rest go. Resolve to stay in the fresh new beginning that begins at this moment.

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