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Features of Traumatized Thinkers

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Traumatized Thinking (TT) is an umbrella term for many displays of non-Critical Thinking (CT). A path to diagnosis is the "Upside-Down" approach. To illustrate, as a small boy growing up inside the Great Depression there was the ever-present situation of "Scarcity." Concern for not having enough of a thing led me to hoard a little bit extra for times when it might not be available. This expanded into "over-preparing" once I entered the hostile world so that if things did not go right with Plan A I could simply shift to Plan B and not miss a beat. The "Upside-Down" opposite of Scarcity is having "too much" abuse to the point of "shutting down" ones thinking every chance one gets. For example, inside ones Selfhood one stands outside the barrier around the bad emotions of the Trigger Problem so that one can say: "I don't know what my problem is that is causing me to do chronic juggling or at least stay inside the status quo." Maybe a reason is denial of the pain or trying to keep hidden the embarrassment of it. Yet, TT make "big decisions" based upon very little information and almost impulsively. One reason is from never learning how to do CT's intricate assessments, analyses, and syntheses or how to devise Options because of avoiding thinking subjects like mathematics, physics, or statistics in school. Instead, their time was spent with the "flashing light" electronic gadgets promoting short attention spans and the need for continual excitement--each of which caused them not to learn to work hard and struggle through tedious and boring information to find informational "pearls." The TT idea is to get along with the least amount of disturbing of ones Selfhood in the "here and now" and to engage in as much "Off & On" thinking" as possible. Thus, like a beast without a master, when a "big decision" time comes the beast converts tough reality into simplified fantasy situations so as to make it easy to decide what to go toward or away from. Then they anxiously hope for the best.

As habits, these features mold ones thinking into Automatic, Impulsive, Patterned, Superficial, and "Off and On" Thinking in a manner that removes the essentials which characterize CT. Examples are: not paying attention to details; not learning from bad experiences; and lacking concern for consequences. This causes them to forget to do things and do sloppy work or not be complete. Thus, to keep from being embarrassed and not being strong enough to admit their mistakes, they say they have achieved things they did not do and fail to say things they did do to cause errors. TT have unique ways of thinking and feeling but there is a certain "sameness" in how they express and act in hopes of being able to have an active Love Platter--i.e. a flowering and fruiting of their instinct to Love; the courage and freedom to spread Love; to be Loved unconditionally; and to be Lovable in keeping with their desire to live in a nonaggressive environment with all concerned. Because they do not perceive in others the factors which make happen the Love Platter and because they are unsure as to how to make it happen, they wear masks and perform masquerades in meeting the public (to keep people from showing pity) and often become "doormats" for mean people.

At its core are things done or attempts at being done to achieve the "5Ss." For example, in situations they anticipate being in for a prolonged period they do whatever they can to establish a support system and a network so as to not feel isolated. When asked a question either way, they stall by not answering or asking "what did you say?" while trying to figure out the answer that will not make them look bad. They engage in "Escapes" from Reality, at least for a few moments, by visiting parents more often, shopping, excessive cell phone talking, and going to the movies. This Patterned Thinking process replaces any attempts to creatively solve new problems as well as otherwise shuts down prior preparations to be self-reliant so that in the new situation they can "hit the ground running." ONE DOES WHAT ONE THINKS ABOUT!

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