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Selfhood 'Heart-Quarters'

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For 198,000 years “Alkebu-Lan, now known as Africa, was the world's headquarters for a masterpiece civilization (social and technical development) and culture (intellectual and spiritual development). Today's Black People anywhere cannot conceive of the super-brilliant Critical Thinking of our Ancient African Ancestors (and including Primitive Africans). Nor do we have anything to which it can be compared because it has never been equaled. Underlying this masterpiece was the African Diunital (Union of Natural Opposites) World View. It says the Cosmic Organism's internal structure is the same throughout but each of its external objects is "Unique." It adds Life literally occurs as a result of the union of spirit and matter—the Opposites of Heaven/Earth, of day/night, of male/female principles. Such a Union of Opposites (assuming they are of the same nature) goes beyond the concepts of duality (two things) since both sides are reconciled by the "Sameness" of their inner nature (which comes from the God-source) and the "Uniqueness" of their outward appearances. As a result, the two opposites are transformed into becoming one--a state necessary for making a harmonizing whole--an initiation and a manifestation state, called Yin/Yang by later appearing Chinese. But key is that the thing's polar opposites must be of the same nature. Each of these points is essential for understanding ones Soul power while the following discussion is for understanding how to Order ones Selfhood; how ones Selfhood becomes disordered; and how to Re-Order a disordered Selfhood.

The birth of the core of ones Selfhood "Heart" can be likened to a "Harmonious Two-Sided Coin." On one side is the "Self"--subdivided into ones God-Mind or Divine Consciousness + ones Divine Will. The opposite side of the Selfhood Coin contains ones Divine Spirit--subdivided into Spiritual Energy (inactive profound Peace) + undifferentiated/unstructured Matter (i.e. not shaped into forms or things) (Amen, Maat p10). Whereas ones "Self" (Divine Consciousness) knows What it wants to manifest (i.e. what it is Willing) and Why, ones Divine Spirit knows How and When. Whereas the Self is an absolutely free Divine leader by its nature, ones Spirit, a follower, has to be directed. Thus, Selfhood "Heart" Harmony results from the "Self" orchestrating ones entire Selfhood. Early in African history it was believed all real things contained a “life force” or transfigured "God-Image Spirit/Mind" providing inner spiritual illumination by being “a kind of individualized fragment of the Supreme Being.” This transfigured "God-Image" inside a human's Selfhood was originally called the “Soul/Heart,” representing a transcendental pure Divine Consciousness destined for eternity. Such implies that ones Soul is a drop of God and that all of God is in that drop. Hence, by itself, it can reproduce itself, and become the thing it makes.

So, ones Soul, by its Divinity composition, is the core of ones Selfhood "Heart-Quarters." Its "committee" consists of the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. They represent the most natural way to think, feel, express, and live life, said Ancient African Sages, because they automatically flow out of ones Divine Consciousness. Spiritual Elements for each human are an unending Source of the following features. First, they are Tools for guiding one through the maze of life and, in the process, supply the "5Ss," contentment, and happiness. Second, they are Standards against which one can compare how one is living. Third, they are diagnostic filters for determining when something is of a harmonious or disharmonious nature.

Fourth, they are framers for all ones decisions and problem solving approaches and methods. Fifth, they are the intimacy tools for "Heart-to-Heart" communications because they are what every human fundamentally desires. Sixth, their blockage is at the base of all anti-Love Platter expressions. Seventh, this is the place to start when at a crossroad dilemma or when one does not know what else to do.


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