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Slave Survival Barriers to Critical Thinking

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Thinking within the context of Slavery Survivals embraces all forms used by the Enslaved to endure slavery but each became self-defeating when brought out of slavery. Slave Survivals are diagnosable today by the fact that the same self-defeating habits are present among Black Americans everywhere, despite them not knowing each other. There are many such syndromes but each shares a common generic origin in that the essence of the Trigger Problem was the same but the form differed from one plantation to another. Four essence origins used by slaveowners were to get the Enslaved: (1) to fear God [which most Enslaved rejected because God is Love and Love is not to be feared]; (2) to believe the captors' anthropomorphism descriptions (i.e. fashioning God and Jesus in the White man's physical and character image) so the Enslaved would feel inferior for not looking like God; (3) to believe the Word of God is in the bible they wrote; and (4) to get the Enslaved to believe in a "pie-in-the-sky" religion under their control (e.g. "Good Niggers gain rewards by working in the kitchen of heaven") so Whites could have a hedonistic "heaven" on earth -- with themselves being "little gods." After saying: "God rules the sky and we rule the earth--and to please us is the way to please God," they imparted evil messages "that seem right"--e.g. "People who genuinely fear the Lord will flee from evil. And people who do not flee from evil do not fear the Lord, regardless of what they profess with their lips. Therefore, when we fear the Lord, there is an element of dread at what His wrath can do, but there is also such a respect for Him and for His will that nothing else matters but doing that which pleases the Lord. The point is that out of fear this will affect all one does." The intent in Whites making these delusional statements was for the Enslaved to fear/obey Whites by first getting them to fear/obey God and thereby gain benefits from God and the White man (who deems himself a co-ruler with God).

What often escapes attention are the limitations on Europeans' "intellectual" prowess and products. Until very recent times at least 85% of Europeans could not read. Most learned from "reading" pictorially the cathedrals' stained glass windows as well as the murals in churches, chapels, state portraits, and impressive monumental sculpture. Such historical superficiality of thought is evident in my daily research of a given Word Story in hundreds of books and comparing European information with the profound intellect of Ancient Africans. Examples fill my 3 volumes of Afrocentrically oriented Word Stories and its 8,000 words. Even more blatantly delusional thought is that said by politicians (including Black Puppets/Republican Europeans), the media, school systems, and written words (e.g. books, internet). It is funny to detect a Gaffe--i.e. a politician accidentally telling the truth--because that very rarely happens.

Besides Europeans' superficial and delusional information being the only thing available to the Enslaved during slavery, there were the powerful STAY-IN-YOUR-PLACE messages of: “don’t read”; “don’t get an education”; “don’t try to better yourself”; “don’t be ambitious”; “don’t trust each other or work together to fashion Black Power”; “don’t be uppity” (i.e. do not be like a White man—and morally that is good advice!!); “stay in your place”—meaning Black people should “be about nothing”; “fight among yourselves”; and “spend your money foolishly.” These were internalized by many; became self-fulfilling prophecies; and then handed down to many of their today's off-spring as a way of life. To live with Slave Survivals means one possesses Traumatized, Off & On, "Automatic Pilot," Patterned, and/or Superficial Thinking. These + engrained chronic fears of White terrorism that squashes assertiveness have caused many to passively accept the terrible conditions Europeans still fashion for Black People. All of this is reversible by community and individual self-help--a process starting by shedding the STAY-IN-YOUR-PLACE mental tape recorded messages.


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0 # MLR 2013-01-11 15:50
Unfortunately, slave survival thinking permeates American thinking today in pervasive, updated forms, i.e. people of color are ascribed as articulate. A backhanded compliment meant to segregate individuals from their population deeming them unique, when it's an affect of acquiring a quality education, which should be available to ALL children. Hopefully, w/more role models & progress, such thinking/behavior will change, sooner than later....good article

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