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What Critical Thinking Is and Does

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Everyone must decide on the life-shaping decision of whether to be a “False Self” by submitting to and creating ones Selfhood to please the crowd or to be ones Real Self and become a Critical Thinker (CT) in pursuing ones Mission in life. The “False Self” life starts out easily but gradually life gets increasingly hard because of facing more and more lacks, losses, and obstacles. These necessitate more and more dependance on uncaring people. By contrast, CT starts out hard from having do the tedious and boring work required for success within ones Private Self (e.g. mental self-discipline) and ones Public Self (e.g. preparation to handle ones problems in old age). However, as these skills become second nature, life gradually gets increasingly easier, simpler, What Critical Thinking Is & Does and more pleasant.

What makes CT hard is merely its unfamiliarity from not being taught properly, if at all, in school and because peers mislead each other by ignoring mathematics, philosophy, physics, and science. These are the very subjects where CT is learned most easily and practicing their skills alters ones mind to make familiar the unnatural ways of thinking about these complex subjects. For our Very Ancient African Ancestors, where CT originated, Mathematics was viewed as “the CT discipline which brings order to the mind;” as a language pertaining to hidden, orderly, and balanced systems; and being capable of taking the student beyond all concepts of time and space so as to be outside the limits of human knowledge. Such CT concerns recognizing and understanding Abstracts/ Abstractions, patterns and relations so they can be manipulated/maneuvered into creative solutions. As the grandparent of Great Thought, Math is the language of Physics and, when put into CT words, it becomes Philosophy.

Particularly in the use of Arithmetic numbers, CT is able to think in terms of Beauty, Elegance, and the Right! This is what elevates ones mind and generates a desire to achieve ones main purpose in life--i.e. leaving behind ones Lower (animal) Self in order to achieve ones Highest (or Divinity) Self.

The offensive aspect of CT is to help one get what one really, really wants and not get what is detrimental. Although the subject of CT is not structured, it still helps to have even a hazy mental image of it and its levels so as to serve as guide posts for use in any significant problem in life. Within this context the structure of CT can be likened to a skyscraper building consisting of an above ground visible portion, an underground Foundation, and a Base upon which that underground Foundation rests. The below ground Foundation and the Base on which the entire structure rests is the Philosophy of the CT one uses. In Type I CT, the Spiritual Element of Unconditional Love is the Base; the Truth is its underground Foundation; Reality is its above ground “structural frame”; and the Natural is how functions operate throughout the skyscraper. When things are in Spiritual Order, the Cosmic Organism (the visible structure) and its off-spring (like the various floors of the skyscraper or like the parts within ones Selfhood) are independent units. Still, they work as a unit--meaning all its inner parts are connected in a harmonious and balanced way. An example is a healthy human body.

By contrast, the CT of Brutes has an anti-Spiritual Element philosophy which causes Spiritual Pain. To hopefully get relief of pain they use a fettered mindset--e.g. Individualism selfishness, arrogance, pride, greed, hatred, anger, lust, fear, lies, envy, jealousy, frustration, and attachments to material things. Their methods are Kill/Take/ Destroy. Each is always unsuccessful in attempts at gaining the “5Ss”-- safety, security, sureness, strength, and stability. They are deceived by believing in the delusion that their philosophical base of Materialism is solid, permanent, stationary, and enduring. These are evil/sadistic people! In its defensive capacity CT spots these Brute Features and devises ways to avoid, bypass, get around, over, or under them rather than do face-to-face encounters of fighting them because Brutes will win fights.


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